Star Wars: Battlefront - Leaked Release Date Doesn't Make Sense

The hot story of the past few days was the "Leak" of the release date for this upcoming game. We break down a few reasons why we don't think this is true.

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Randostar1163d ago

Lol. That Apparent "Leak" was proven to be true today. You can go to the EA Star Wars site and look at the Battlefront pages source code, its litterally right their.

Shibdib1163d ago

Except I'd bet money that the guy who codes the website has no knowledge of when it's releasing. And it makes no sense to stick it on the site in the way that it's currently there. That's not how modern sites ae coded.

Randostar1162d ago

You're probably right, the text i saw did look out of place with everything else. I just looked over it again myself and couldn't find it. Either somebody screwed up and it got removed fast or its a total fake. I don't think this will release in December though. No major shooter has ever been released in December, none that i can recall anyways.

Shibdib1162d ago

I just predict decemeber because it falls perfectly with the movie. Star wars hype will be thru the roof + holidays = worlds easiest marketing campaign.

Dlacy13g1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Releasing in December would be a categorically stupid business move. Do you think all the action figures for the movie will wait until December to hit shelves? No, they will all be out in time for black Friday weekend as will the game...i.e. the biggest shopping weekend probably in the world now given online retailers are embracing it globally.

3-4-51162d ago

uhh if it's listed as nov 17th, it was ALLOWED to be put there. It had approval though.

Go ahead and lose money though.

Your just wrong. Admit it.

OrangePowerz1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

It's not a movie Tie in title so it can launch before. It's also supposed to fill the Battlefield slot and that releases end of October or early November. If you launch in December you miss out on black Friday.

I predict that any Episode 7 content will be a post launch DLC maybe launching around the movie release.

iamnsuperman1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

I think it makes perfect sense. It is around the same time as the film (a month of hype building pre launch of the film) and November is a usual time for games to releases. Rarely do games release so close to Christmas (as the 18th) especially big games

Perjoss1162d ago

Only a few hours to go for the Battlefront trailer!

Revvin1162d ago

It makes perfect sense. Releasing so close to Christmas potentially loses sales from parents who get all their shopping done before online stores can no longer guarantee delivery or the high streets go into meltdown which is why a lot of games release in October and November . November is a traditional blockbuster release month and releasing any later doesn't help hype the film, a mid November date is far better for hype than a mid December release, that would be far too close to the film release and a marketing disaster, you build hype, by releasing the film and game together you miss the double whammy effect of one lot of hype feeding the other, instead you cancel out the hype from one product with the next, its a waste of money.