Over half a million weapons in Borderlands, says Take-Two

Take-Two just announced at its E3 press conference that Borderlands, its upcoming post apocalyptic game, will contain over 500,000 weapons.

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Captain Tuttle3774d ago

This was mentioned in the Game Informer article last year.

proArchy3774d ago

Yup, and its not a post-apocalyptic game. Its set on a sparsely colonized alien world. That was in Game Informer too.

thewhoopimen3774d ago

500,000 means randomly generated aka Diablo 2

The gaming GOD3774d ago

That's a pretty damn lofty number. A half million different weps?

Although it's probably safe to assume that they count variants of weapons.

For example, you have your handgun. That's one weapon. Then you ad a Silencer piece, which makes it a new weapon.

I expect the weapons count to be high due to variations like that

shine13963774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

more like: ''Apparently, this will be possible due to each weapon having different aesthetic qualities, stats and effects.''
Personaly, I reckon your right, but I'm more likely to believe that they can only get to the number by allowing user customization. green coloured weapons etc...or auto weapon generator or you can use a heck of lots of things in the game as weapons...

Tempist3774d ago

Sounds a boat load like what Diablo II proclaimed. Yeah it's going to be interesting to see how you count a glock 9mm and a glock 9mm ceramic as a completely different weapon. It's most likely as stated prior small aestecic and silly things. If you had like a musket and some future weapons, that would definately be a new game alltogether.

proArchy3774d ago

they're procedural. a weapon consists of several parts, a barrel, ammo type, stock, scope, etc. They made several variations of each part type, and let the computer "build" 500,000 by making all the combinations into weapons. So you get a shotgun that shoots poison shells, or a sniper rifle that shoots heat seeking bullets. I'm sure that a lot of them will be useless, like a sniper rifle that shoots shotgun shells.

SIX3774d ago

In Dead Rising everything was a weapon.

Turntable Jack3774d ago

i dont care if they count the pistol 500 different ways. There are still 500,000 variations. Think about it.

anyone else think this game may be the sleeper of 09

sinncross3774d ago

hmm probably includes 100 different brick types.

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The story is too old to be commented.