Miyamoto Explains Why The World Needs 'Wii Music'

With the big press conferences at E3 over, Stephen does a quick wrap up for MTV News of what each company had to show. After a quick run though of the highlights from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, Mr. Totilo offers a little bit of insight into who's "winning" E3, and asks the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto about "Wii Music."

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Gun_Senshi3776d ago

To rip off more people to get even more money!

decapitator3775d ago

Decoded Message:

Miyamoto says F_U to hardcore gamers.
Hardcore Gamers say FU back to Miyamoto.

There is lips, Singstar, Rockband, Guitarhero and that new music game from much more do we need ?

Wildarmsjecht3776d ago

The world doesn't need a "game" where you basically do nothing in the assumption that you're playing music. You wanna hear music? Get a radio. You wanna play music? Learn an instrument.

ChickeyCantor3776d ago

You wanna play tennis get outside
you wanna play soccer get outside
You wanna shoot people get outside.....

TheExecutive3776d ago

i dont understand this concept, you play an instrument (kinda) and you dont have to worry about timing or rhytm or right notes to be hit....

So all you do is press buttons and wave your arms around like an idiot? Is that the point of this game?

ChickeyCantor3776d ago

No, you actually decide when the note can be heard.
This causes variation.

Also this is one mode, looking at some other screens you can see there is a rhythm mode.

Fox013776d ago

you just described the Wii.

Smacktard3775d ago

Stop being goddamn ignorant. Wii Music is far from shovelware. That doesn't mean it'll be good, or that it looks interesting, though...

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The story is too old to be commented.