PlayStation Beyond E3 '08: M.A.G Preview

PSBeyond Writes: "At the end of Sony's Press Conference, most people were left shocked as Zipper annouced their latest title which supports massive 256 player matches, something which is unheard of in the Console world.

Zipper Interactive, known for their impressive SOCOM titles on the PlayStation 2 have raised the bar with M.A.G (short for Massive Action Game), an online only shooter which is set around 10-15 years into the future and boasts impressive 256 player matches. Alot of people have jumped to the conclusion that 256 players is too much for a game by comparing it to currently avaible online games such as Call of Duty and Warhawk. However M.A.G if offering a new approach to online gaming. Whereas most shooters go for the team deathmatch route, M.A.G is based on the actions of the Military on real life and will be based on Objectives."

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resistance1003801d ago

This has become my most wanted Ps3 game, ahead of God of War, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, Socom and GT5.

silverchode3801d ago

its third on my list for 09

Andreiy3801d ago

The reason why they want this game is because of 256 battles. They gonna be disseminated when they find out about monthly fees.

AlienGorilla3801d ago

I doubt there will be monthly fees.

On a side note though, is this the "Secret Game" that was supposed to wow us and left that British reporter speechless?

Just curious.

ucantbanme3801d ago

The biggest issue with mag is voice chat.
I know everyone reads the massive number of players on line but they will not read about the gameplay and home many players you can actually interact with. It's going to be great but sony must...

Find a way to make voice chat standard.

LastDance3801d ago

250+ people talking into their mics? *Loads gun*

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Baba19063801d ago

this might come out to be a fun fun game. still more excited about the rpgs ike ff13, valkyre and so on

LevDog3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Man this could actually grab me away from Socom.. Does anyone know if its FPS or TPS? Im hopping since its zipper it will be TPS.. IF it looks anything like the Trailer, that will blow any other war game away.. My eyes on you MAG...

resistance1003801d ago

I would put money on it being TPS.

Ben10543801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

wats TPS

edit: duh, its third person shooter. i dont think of the word three because it doesn't sound like it starts t

Mr PS33801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

WOW !!!!

Oh and suck on that Bots
You can have your EXTREMELY PATHETIC 5 vs 5 with Gears 2
By November i'll Take 30 vs 30 with resistance 2
And then next year 128 vs 128
This is one MAG the Bots will never be able to Read


PimpHandHappy3801d ago

so yea
3rd person is my bet

This will be called Socom something when it drops! IMO

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The story is too old to be commented.