E3 2008: GTA Chinatown Wars Release Window

Today Rockstar spilled a few more tiny details on the Nintendo DS edition of Grand Theft Auto. Dubbed Chinatown Wars, this will be a wholly original game despite being set in the familiar locale of Liberty City. It is slated for release in North America and Europe this winter.

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name3807d ago

Could have easily made a new PSP GTA -_- Oh well.

Leathersoup3807d ago

Indeed it could have but games need to sell copies and there are more DS owners out there than PSP owners. It's strange how companies like to make money when they write software.

solidsnakus3807d ago

no san andreas stories for psp.. damn you R*!!!

PS360WII3807d ago

Why are all Nintendo news stories first commented on by people talking about Sony?

Good that GTA will get a romp on the DS to see what handheld gaming is all about ^^

THE_JUDGE3807d ago

and games based on out of work house wives?

TwissT3807d ago

The funny thing is, your comment is actually true.

Blink_443807d ago

I'm excited, lets hope its not top-down view...

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