IGN: E3 '08: Mega Man 9 Hands-On

Dr. Wily wants your cash. Robots are going wild all over the world, wreaking havoc and disrespecting public property, and the infamous Dr. Albert Wily has called a primetime press conference to claim that he's not responsible – but he'll happily step in to stop the madness, for a price. Just call his toll-free number and make your pledge today.

That's how Mega Man 9 begins, and the Blue Bomber leaps into action once again to clear the good name of his creator, Dr. Light, who Wily also takes the time to blame for the current robot rampage (in-between his appeals to his watchers' wallets). The game's full 8-bit cutscene intro sequence was completely intact here at E3, which was refreshing – because the rest of the demo was, sadly, limited.

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