Loot Ninja Podcast - E3 Edition

Loot Ninja writes:

"Join us this week as our one armed bandits discuss what they're all currently playing, Loot-a-Palooza, and our thoughts on the E3 press conferences from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Some discussions of eating competitions and other craziness get thrown in and hilarity ensues."

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taz80803776d ago

Ranking of conferences:

MS > Nintendo > Sony

taz80803776d ago

E3 2008 was a big let down. No new IP's were announced escept maybe a couple. Sony fell short, Nintendo stayed super casual and MS big news was that it stole a game away from the PS3.

drunkpandas3776d ago

Yeah it was a pretty good discussion of what all went down. Personally, I think MS was the best of the Big 3, with Nintendo coming in second and Sony lagging behind.

fiercescuba3776d ago

This podcast was more entertaining than Nintendos'presser.