Siren: Blood Curse demo did not make me scream wrote: "I am not a huge fan of survival-horror games. However, not one to shy away from quality titles, I will occasionally purchase software from the genre if it piques my interest.

"Siren: Blood Curse," a Playstation 3 exclusive, is one such game that immediately grabbed my attention. I recently downloaded the demo to see if the game was worth more than just a quick glance.

Hit the jump for my impressions."

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PoSTedUP3721d ago

but it was really f*cking awesome.

Expy3721d ago

Since when do you have to scream when playing/watching horror?

falcon3233721d ago

that demo was great. i didn't scream, but the music in the game really set the "spooky" factor nicely.

himdeel3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

...playing a horror game...ever but the first RE had me bouncing/jumpy. I don't think there will ever be a game this gen that makes a person scream with fright, unless they are a girly panzy man-child.

Either way besides that his article was pretty well written and brought up a fantastic point. With the alert system on it prompts you to be on your guard taking away from the urgency and spookiness of the game. It's best to play without the alert activated for a different experience.

I suggest for anyone that hasn't played the game yet and wants more fright factor to press the select button, go to the options screen using the R1 or L1 triggers and turn the alerts off. Do this before you play through the demo, turn the lights off, turn the sound up to a tolerably close to annoying loud level and enjoy it as much as possible before you delete it :)

Raoh3721d ago

also recently played Siren for the PS2 to get acquainted with the series... aside from the original controls i liked the game alot. and the demo really turned this game remake into a next gen gem.