Logitech announces Logitech Cordless Keyboard for Wii Logitech announced Logitech Cordless Keyboard for Wii, a Nintendo licenced product. It should facilitate using the Wii Internet Channel as well as will be used by games with chat function, such as the recently unveiled Animal Crossing: City Folk.

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vitz33803d ago

hmmm... My Logitech wireless keyboard already works in Opera.

How overpriced is this going to be?

ArtisianDragon3803d ago

My regular USB keyboard works and since the Wii doesn't have many games with chatting, I kind of don't see the point of this. UNLESS every game will have some form of chatting implemented. Then maybe.

KatanaSteel3803d ago

If they threw in a mouse too, it would be great for playing hardcore FPS titles.. oh wait...

TheColbertinator3803d ago

Monster Hunter peripheral maybe?