GameSpot E3 08 Stormrise Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Real time strategy games don't have the most stellar record on home consoles, but Creative Assembly's Brisbane, Australia branch is hoping to buck that trend with the upcoming Stormrise. For a start, the team lays proud claim to the fact that the game has been built from the ground up with consoles in mind, particularly when it comes to the game's control scheme. In effect, Stormrise's interface has been built specifically for controllers instead of keyboards.

Stormrise takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where two warring races--the technologically advanced Echelon and the more organic-focused Sai--are battling it out for supreme control. In our E3 2008 hands-off demo, the Creative Assembly reps showing the game chose the Sai side, whose units seem to be more influenced by genetic mutations than their Echelon counterparts. The demo started off in a large underground cave which served as the spawn points for Sai units--it was here where Creative Assembly first introduced the game's control scheme (the game was being demoed using an Xbox 360), saying more than 90 percent of commands could be done using only the two analog sticks and the A button."

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