Sony BDP-S1 Reviewed (Verdict: Great Picture Quality, Weird Format Support)

So the Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray standalone player was finally released. But how does it perform? Well, if all you care about is image quality, then it's pretty great. says:

All images appeared razor sharp and artifact free. Particularly appreciated was the absence of edge enhancement within Enemy Of The State disc. It has been seen on some earlier BD disc releases, and appears as a faint white outline around people and objects. Colors were completely free of noise and fine detail was superb.

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MicroGamer4392d ago

"The funny part? The BDP-S1 doesn't come with an HDMI cable either."

Sony is so intent on convincing people that you NEED an HDMI cable for HD content, but they make you go out and buy one seperately?? Nice way to get the public to embrace your crappy technology by making them go out and spend another $50 on top of the already outrageous price for the player to actually see the output in HD.

specialguest4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

you silly kid. when you buy a dvd player or whatever electronic hardware, you don't get free cables. that's common knowledge and is pretty much standard.

when i bought my dvd player, HDTV display, and surround sound reciever, guess what? HDMI, component, composite, etc. wires/cables are NOT INCLUDED.

so typical of you 360 fanboys. can't stand good Sony news huh? just had to pull whatever you have out of your ass in order to bash Sony.

bung tickler4392d ago

i got all the cables i needed for HDTV in my 360 box... i guess you just expect to get raped in the butt by sony...

specialguest4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

the dvd player, HDTV set, and reciever were not sony brands. infact, they were all different brands. you relate everything to video games huh? do you not realize that there's other non-video game electronic hardwares out there? quit being a dumbass.

Fanboys are gay4391d ago

when i bought my samsung upscaling dvd player it came with component cables and a hdmi cable so this is just sony charging for something that you need

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EnforcerOfTheTruth4392d ago

Do you get with DVD or VHS players any cables? Nope ;-)

Maddens Raiders4392d ago

You do realize that most if not all high-end electronics do not offer the high end cables inside, right? Here in the great American Southwest, at most high-end electronics shops, they'll just look at you like there's a d*** sticking out of your forehead if you ask where the cables are when making a purchase. But they'll gladly show you to the right cables for purchase, stands, warranties, etc.

Fanboys are gay4391d ago

tell them your going to take you buisness else where and see how quick they give you the cables for free

THAMMER14391d ago

I rather have a PS3. It looks better and is $400.00 cheaper.

Captain Tuttle4391d ago

It's still not needed for games, though.

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