Why Do People Not Browse Through Game Menus And Settings?

EGMR writes: "You just get a new game for your still shiny new console. You're terribly excited, all giddy and fidgety and muttering to yourself much like Gollum, and no one around you except for yourself can understand the elation you feel to play said game. You stick it in your console and proceed to curse the dark Gods for installations, looking for any way to pass the next few agonising minutes. Then you get reminded that current-day gaming requires the downloading of day one updates, and you leave that on while you go off and do what humans do. Finally, it's time to play. Only a few button presses separate you from another world filled with the promise of fun. What do you do? I know what I do. I go to the damn options menus, obviously. Why the bloody hell don't you?"

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KiwiViper851344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Same. I always want know everything about a game before I play. A habit that started by reading Sega Master System game booklets on the car ride home from the store.

XisThatKid1343d ago

LOL NO matter how hyped I am for a game I can't resist to go through the options and settings of games.

ArchangelMike1343d ago

Yeah I do. One of the reasons I stopped playing PC games, is because I spend the first few days just constantly tweaking all my game settings. It actually gets in the way of me playing the game sometimes :)

SpinalRemains1381344d ago

That's the first thing I always do before starting any game.

Difficulty - Hard
Gamma setting - check
Invert X/Y - No
Sensitivity...- check
Subtitles - On
Blood Gore - On

Ready 😎

ArchangelMike1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I started gaming playing flight sims. Ever since I can't play games without:
"Invert Y" = ON.

XisThatKid1343d ago

I need my inverted and I def have no flight background.