Square Enix's "Secret" Game Gets One More Tease: "STAR" Was Actually "START;" Reveal Tomorrow

A few days ago Square Enix opened a teaser website for a "secret" game. Yesterday, they increased the level of teasing by adding more letters and forming the word "STAR." Today, they pushed it one step further.

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Eonjay1224d ago

I would really like to wake up to Star Ocean in the morning... So please, I dont ask for much but Square, please.

Godmars2901224d ago

Doesn't the "Start" reveal pretty much quash that?

Abriael1224d ago

Not really. It could be anything, including Star Ocean.

DarkOcelet1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

It could be Startopia 2. I am pretty sure that it is that.

People actually liked that game but i am really disappointed. I wanted Star Ocean dammit.

DevilOgreFish1224d ago

Isn't star ocean by tri-Ace?

DOMination-1224d ago

Developed by Tri-Ace but all have been published by SE

styferion1224d ago

@devilogrefish: yes, they're the developers, square enix is the publisher.

3-4-51224d ago

* Start could be indicating the start of the reveal or the Start of a new Series or IP.

SolidStoner1224d ago

cat wait E3, there will be explosions of reveal..

I want something from Hitman department! ;)

Eonjay1224d ago

Well considering that Star Ocean 5 was just announced, I would say you were probably wrong in hindsight :)

N4g_null1223d ago

It's start fox sweet! Or is it start game? It's a Menu game!

This is getting lame.

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DevilOgreFish1224d ago

It was an anagram the whole time....the word "listen" has the same letters as "silent".... Now you at least learned something in this thread.

Myst-Vearn1224d ago

suddenly I have a bad feeling about this. It will probably be the 'Start' of some browser game or something similar. Why did they make it look like a Star Ocean game? they already did this once before with the star galaxy thing...damn you SE...

DarkOcelet1224d ago

Startopia 2. Look it up.

gokuking1224d ago

Square Enix Japan isn't going to be teasing an obscure Eidos game.

nickster1224d ago

Valve paying square enix, to trick the masses surprise announcement will be half life 3, if u look at START it has the letter A in it and in half life title there is a in half , see the connection, both of the letter A, times that by 3 and bam, Half life 3 confirmed! Ur welcome

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The story is too old to be commented.