Review: The Awakened Fate Ultimatum (New Gamer Nation)

New Gamer Nation writes: "With regards to games with punishing difficulty, it’s interesting to see certain games like the recent From Soft’s Bloodborne take off in popularity given the developer’s notorious reputation for brutally punishing it’s players for making even the slightest mistake and then having all of their precious hard earned progress instantly taken away, only to have them do it all over again until they learn to do it right. The Awakened Fate Ultimatum a roguelike role-playing game made by Nippon Ichi isn’t exactly a Souls game, but in a lot of ways it sort of is. As I played through the game over the last few days, dying repeatedly and losing all of my inventory and weapons again and again, I couldn’t help but find the more punishing aspect of the game made me want to play smarter, more tactical, and approach everything more cautiously and meticulously each new time and in this way made getting through to the end of any one of the many difficult dungeons a reward in itself– and also made it feel a lot more like a Souls game."

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