Buffalo announces "world's first" HD DVD drive for PCs

Hard to believe, but this HDV-ROM2.4FB drive from Buffalo (OEMed by Toshiba) marks a world's first HD DVD drive for PCs. Sure, the Toshiba Qosmio and other media savvy boxes already ship with integrated HD DVD, but you're not going to find any ATAPI HD DVD drives sold independently for PCs. It ships with the third party, PowerDVD HD DVD Edition software required to watch your MPAA-friendly high-def titles in XP or Vista and reads DVD±R/RW and DVD±R/R DL, DVD-ROM and CD-R/RW/ROM formats as you'd expect. At ¥38,850 (about $338) it's a pretty good deal when these ship at the end of the month in Japan, right? Sure, but the $199 Tosh-built Xbox 360 HD DVD player is already out and perfectly capable of pumping HD DVD vids natively under Vista (and even XP after some found driver magic) after installing the appropriate media application. Decisions, decisions.

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Marriot VP4395d ago

just to add, this doesn't come close to the deal you get for Microsofts HD-DVD drive, unless you want something internal.

MS HD-DVD for 360 and PC at 200$
Internal HD-DVD for PC only at 338$

MicroGamer4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

is that an internal drive for a PC has to allow for game and application data to be loaded into the PC, which you can't do with the 360 HD-DVD. Still, HD-DVD is first to market again and with a big name behind it. Toshiba is Sony's biggest rival in home entertainment electronics. When Sony or one of it's partners comes out with an internal Blu-Ray drive for PC, it will probably be $100-$150 higher.

Fanboys are gay4394d ago

isnt the xbox hd-dvd techinally the first hd-dvd drive for pc's

leinadem24395d ago

Now that we see similar HD DVD player for pc we are starting to realize that xbox360 HDDVD is a pretty good deal because you can use it with your computer or your xbox360 and if you want you can take with your friends xbox360 or computer. Thank you MS I love my HD DVD.

ChaosKnight4395d ago

So this is just a reader? where is the burner? Thats what we need =D

MicroGamer4395d ago

It will take time for burners to come to market because they are more expensive and the mass market usually doesn't embrace them while prices are high. CD-Rom came out before CD burners and DVD-Rom came out before DVD burners. That's the way it has always been.