Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Revealed for PS4

Posted by Jean-Francois Dugas on Apr 08, 2015 // Executive Game Director, Eidos-Montréal:
Hello PlayStation Nation! I’m Jean-Francois Dugas, Executive Game Director at Eidos-Montréal. Eight years ago, we set out to revive the Deus Ex franchise, which held a very special place in my heart both as a gamer and a developer. In 2011, after a lot of love and effort was put into it, we released Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the very first game to be created at our studio. It was a terrific achievement for us, and we were more than ready to take the series to the next level.


Admin note: This is the PS Blog official post, but this game is also coming to the Xbox One. We should all be extremely happy about this. I even squealed like a little girl. Which I totes never do on a regular basis. I swear.

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DarkOcelet1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

The game looks sick!

Micheal Mccann ost is awesome and he seems to be back here too. Day one.

UltraNova1021d ago Show
SolidStoner1021d ago

while Eidos is being involved Im happy with that.. (fingers crossed for stealthy "hitman" gameplay mechanics).. Could be first futuristic modern age game that deserves title to be best of them!

chrismichaels041021d ago

I never played a Deus Ex game before until we got Human Revolution for free on PSPlus a couple of years back and I have to say I actually enjoyed it. Ill definitely keep an eye on Mankind Divided.

starchild1021d ago


Haha jk, this trailer is awesome. I'm so excited for the game.

egidem1021d ago

This is freaking awesome!
Huge fan of the Deus Ex series!

UltraNova1021d ago Show
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kenshiro1001021d ago

I know. The graphics blew me away too.

jc121021d ago

Now that looks next-gen...I guess we'll have to wait and see.

himdeel1021d ago

I didn't see any gameplay. But I want this game this year!

Magicite1021d ago

Trailer is awesome!
I just really hope there will be 3rd person mode and more action/less shooting.

Spenok1021d ago

Can't wait for this to launch. Human Revolution was awesome, and this, while only a cinimatic trailer, looks to improve on things in some pretty awesome ways.

krokodyl1021d ago

Haha do you really think this is actual engine graphics? Lol sorry but I am sure this is CGI render. I looking forward to it though HR was an amazing!

DarkOcelet1021d ago

Lol i know its CGI but i am so excited for a sequel to Human Revolution, been waiting long for this.

bloodybutcher1020d ago

Krokodyl?Ale z pewnoscia nie forfiter?

Halo2ODST21021d ago

Damn this game looks great, Halo 5 preorder cancelled, Deus Ex MD preorder confirmed.

Jazz41081020d ago

If you can afford them both they will both be great games or buy one and trade it for the other when your done. Just some ideas to help.

Spinal1020d ago

The game looks sick? What the hell? They showed absolutely NO GAMEPLAY. How can it look sick?

You guys still sold on CGI trailers? Jheez i thought kids had outgrown that.

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greenmiker1021d ago

The screenshots are amazing!! :o

Genuine-User1021d ago

Yep. But they are snapped from the CG trailer.

Thefreeman0121021d ago

I really need to finish the last one.. These games look so beautiful

Christopher1021d ago

If you can get your hands on the Director's Cut, play through that. A much better experience as far as boss fights and generally just a great game overall. This and Dishonored did player-decided gaming right last generation and glad to see at least one make its way to this generation.

Thefreeman0121021d ago

I have the normal version but the boss i encountered was kicking my ass and never picked it up after

egidem1021d ago


I played the normal version on the PS3 and I'm inclined to agree. I first went full stealth through the game using nothing but the tranquilizer riffle, silent non-lethal takedowns and the stun gun. To me, such a style is true Deus Ex style, and much more challenging.

Once I met the first boss (Barrett), I suddenly had to completely change styles by running and shooting. Since I had upgraded most of my body/gear towards a stealth style, Barrett whooped my arse very badly!

Christopher1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

That's why you go with the Director's Cut.

If you don't mind spoiling the first fight, which most of you seem familiar with, look at the difference in the Director's Cut and going "no guns".

Locknuts1021d ago

Listen to Christopher. He knows what he's talking about.

ShinMaster1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

Keep this in mind though:
Director's Cut also uses a slightly older build of the game so it has more bugs.
Unless that kind of stuff isn't too important to you.

Gamer19821021d ago

Shocked really because according to S-E the last game vastly undersold. Obviously S-E was talking out of there backsides and they actually like money.

rdgneoz31021d ago

SE also said that the last Tomb Raider game didn't meet sales expectations, but it made them quite a bit of money as well. They for some reason like to set goals insanely high and if they don't meet them, the games a failure (even if it breaks even or makes them a good amount).

Massacred1021d ago

Great trailer, I have a lot of questions about the world, mechanics and systems in place now lol

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