Call of Duty 2015 Teasers Tied To 101st Airborne Division, Sgt. Frank Woods Voice Actor Returns?

MP1st - As fans dig deeper into the recently teased Call of Duty 2015 viral videos, new discoveries are beginning to at least narrow down the possibilities with regards to the game’s setting or story.

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DarkOcelet1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

"The 101st Airborne Division is mostly noted for its involvement in World War 2 — the D-Day landings and airborne jumps"

Just say this is World at War 2 and i will do one thing i have never done in my life in a COD game, buying it Day 1.

Please Treyarch, go back to the World War era. Enough of the futuristic BS!

Mister_V1108d ago

Could happen! That Blackhawk is post-WW2 era, however :(

DarkOcelet1108d ago

Maybe they will do a transition between the past and the future. We have to wait and see but whatever Treyarch is cooking up there, i am very interested to try it.

ifistbrowni1108d ago

I will pre-order this game tomorrow if it is WW2.

I want a WW2 game so bad! Next gen D-Day? Mind = blown.

morganfell1108d ago

I would like for them to go back to WWII as well but be aware that the 101st also had a vast history of involvement in Vietnam as well. They arrived in 65 and when the full division deployed in 67 it was the largest airlift directly into a combat zone.

SolidStoner1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

if they do WW2 I will buy it day 1...

only problem left is that COD developers could not manage to create a proper hardcore WW2 (meaning less of those jumps, explosions and all Hollywood BS, just want beautiful nature maps with great real guns) with hardcore mode in it obviously! :) lets just hope they will do everything fans ask for!

EDIT: @ morganfell - Vietnam is still 10 times better than any kind of auto locking self jumping future setting with explosions..

morganfell1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )


No disagreement from me on that issue. It wasn't my point. I merely wanted to illiuminate that the 101st has more of a history than WWII alone.

As regards the Blackhawks, Special Operations Aviation Assets that preceeded SOAR (Task Force 160) possessed Blackhawks before the 101st.

If they are referencing Ardennes and the modern era then it is possibly another dual timeline outing. One can only guess what occurred fighting the Germans that has implications in the present or near present. It is a good thing we have never seen that scenario before...

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donthate1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Personally, I'm not a fan of WW2 games, but if it is I'm glad a game in that time frame is being made.

It seems like devs either go all WW2 or all modern. Why not mix it up a little?!

That said, I really like the direction of CoD:Advanced Warfare.

CPTN MITCHELL1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

That said, I really like the direction of Cod:Advanced Warfare....really with the Goliath glitch that everyone is doing and sledgehammer not doing anything to fix the problem,that's what you called good direction

trenso11108d ago

If it goes back to world war 2, this will be the first call of duty I've bought since black ops 1 back in 2010. If not I will be skipping it again.

quenomamen1108d ago

Prob another flashback fest, another COD to skip.

700p1107d ago

if so, ill start buying cods again. I havnt bought one since black ops 1.

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MrSwankSinatra1108d ago

Maybe i'm overreacting, but the sight of anything CoD makes me sick to my stomach.

MrSwankSinatra1108d ago

I'm just sick of seeing anything related to CoD. I can't stand the series anymore. The fact that the impending influx of news concerning another CoD game is making it's yearly return makes me sick.

Tctczach1108d ago

If seeing news about a video game makes you "sick" then I'd say that's overreacting. Plus you are commenting on said article.....

SolidGear31108d ago

Technically Black Ops is the sequel to World at War unless they make a second World at War that features more Reznov and the events that followed after the first.

Mikefizzled1108d ago

If it comes down to it I'd prefer it to be set in Black Ops setting over Black Ops 2. I sincerely hope there won't be 4 successive near future Call of Duty's in a row.

skulz71108d ago

I think its going to be a crossover with world war two and the Vietnam war.

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