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E3 '08: Nintendo Says "F-You" to Hardcore Gamers

"It's official: after this year's E3 press conference, Nintendo has firmly cemented their status as a casual gaming device. Did you really think it wouldn't happen eventually? After all, the Wii and the DS are in 1st place in console sales, and Nintendo has made gobs of money off of the "casual" crowd. Why wouldn't they cater to that market? It's just good business sense." (Wii)

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zane_7849  +   2646d ago
....yeah, pretty much.
chaosatom  +   2646d ago
they been saying that for a long time.
and I think they know that Hardcore gamers' money is being drained in ps3 or xbox.

So nintendo is trying to do their best by draining casual gamers' money by such item as Wii Fit.
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Bubble Buddy  +   2646d ago
This is why I didn't buy a Wii...

Next-gen, they're going to be begging for hardcore gamers to come back. Since all casual gamers already have a console, why would they want a new one?
solidt12  +   2646d ago
sure did, screw the Wii
ChickeyCantor  +   2646d ago
"Since all casual gamers already have a console, why would they want a new one?

...if that was the case Wii wouldnt sell at all, since lots of casual gamers got a PS2 too.
Bubble Buddy  +   2646d ago
Can the ps2 do motion controls?
Bnet343  +   2646d ago
Hardcore gamers say "F-You" to Nintendo
badz149  +   2646d ago
Nice one! also a nice middle finger will do! I hate how the Wii is trying to change the way of gaming! I think I'll stick with button push controller for now! a nice addition of SIXAXIS features are still welcome but a whole game with motion? Hell NO!!
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Tomdc  +   2645d ago
i prefered the party games on gamecube to those on the wii =P

i regualy play my old gamecube games using the wii when I have friends over as opposed to actual wii games.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2645d ago
Bubble Buddy.


PS2 had motion controls before the Wii was out.

Also...love the name, but can we get a Spongebob avatar to go along with it?
Bubble Buddy  +   2645d ago
LeonSKennedy4Life i see your point and ure correct, but Sony did not advertise the ps3 mainly as the EYETOY.
MK_Red  +   2646d ago
Yeah, they definitly did that with their horrible and boring conference. In return, I say this with all my heart to Nintendo: "F-You too".
meepmoopmeep  +   2646d ago
lol, ditto.
Intrepid  +   2646d ago
I don't see why everything had to happen at E3... So what if Nintendo didn't show of hardcore games? THEY'RE IN PRODUCTION! They've pretty much confirmed it.

E3 is a huge platform and probably the best way to reach casual audiences. Nintendo knows without a doubt that they don't need E3 in order for a "hardcore" game to gain popularity because gamers like us on N4G check the gaming news daily.

What I'm trying to say is that they want to reach out to huge audiences for their casual games, so they use a huge platform: E3. Why waste the huge platform on something we know the hardcore gamers will find out about anyway? They can announce Kid Icarus in two weeks via IGN and every hardcore gamer will know about it. If they announced Wii Sports 2 like that, how many casual gamers are going to find out about it?
Homicide  +   2645d ago
It would've been nice if they showed us teasers of Zelda or something. I'm not watching another Nintendo Conference again.
Captain Tuttle  +   2645d ago
Take off the blinders man. Nintendo has turned their back on the hardcore. And they expect that their super-fans will always come crawling back no matter how badly they get treated.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2645d ago
Captain Tuttle
Long time no comment, man. How ya been?

Also, you're right. Nintendo has left us all in the wake of money. New IP's would be awesome. Seriously.


- Gamers abandon Sony.
- Nintendo abandons gamers.
- Gamers come crawling back to Sony.
- Microsoft buys another company.
- PS3 wins the race...

Yes, I'm not kidding. That's how it's going down...and you all know it.
Light Yagami  +   2646d ago
QueefyB  +   2646d ago
thats it let it all out http://img294.imageshack.us...
linkmaster95  +   2645d ago

those who still gripe about the press conference havn't read this story.
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ChickeyCantor  +   2646d ago
...All i heard them say is "we will show you 3 now"
They arent saying much about other projects....btw MAdworld looks sick! new trailer is awesome.

Honestly people are overreacting.
The press will pass this on to the casual, i mean they dont watch this on the net or something. thats why i think they showed much casual related stuff.

yes their conference sucked, but overreacting is not needed.
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Rute  +   2645d ago
Nintendo's conference sucked. It was a dumb decision not to show anything new on the hardcore front, because E3 is mainly watched by hardcore gaming community.

It's a particulary dumb decision because off and post E3 we're getting lots of information about some very promising hardcore Wii games, including MadWorld, Dead Rising, The Conduit and COD 5.

I could even understand Nintendo only showing their own hc games, because after all Nintendo is first and foremost a game company. But no, none were shown. Where were Kid Icarus, Zelda, EAD Tokyo project, Retro Studios project and many others currently under development?

But I also agree with sidar on overreacting. After all, it's only a press conference. It was not the hardcore gamers who suffered, but Nintendo's image. If we look rationally at hc gaming and Nintendo, we can see that the future is looking very promising, a lot more promising than the current situation. I have faith on the 3rd party games and also on Nintendo's 1st party games as long as Miyamoto is working for the company.
scissor_runner  +   2645d ago
Glad to see some one see what they are doing.
Nintendo is seriously scary right now. I'm glad I'm not up against them WOW. I know I'll be getting the motion+ stuff and developer wise every one and their mom is calling nintendo about that motion thing and how it could make FPS better! It's crazy how the hardcore will hate this E3 just like last year and then go ape sh!t over the next core game that comes out. I mean the controls are pretty good now but dead on aiming would just be sick! Most guys here are gamers but developers have been wanting a less waggle like control. This thing will fit in the zapper also. I know I wanted another IR light but I think this could work. Display 5 dots(corners and center) and then take a snapshot of the IR light also and you got your self dead on aim. Mr Lee was good but that is crazy sweet! Head tracking would be great also. Then I would say the Wii is done.

You are so right about the media though imagine if their was more hype for mad world LOL it would stick out more as an evil game LOL. Yet it's in the back room where it suppose to be. I guess nintendo is growing up, main stream press is for the kids and bible holding adult public(right and wrong judgmental types) and the real hardcore is for the older guys that don't need to be spoon feed we will find what we want. Now I know not to expect too much from nintendo E3s any more but that doesn't seem to stop hardcore games from coming though. The new comers will slowly move on to the good stuff. I like how pitch fork sheep are getting their fur burnt over this though. The more that jump off the more freedom developers will have and if you make games then you know what I mean.

The sequel thing is getting old... I wonder how many people will get the next GTA? All this talk about next gen nintendo will go away is silly also. If any thing they know both customer bases very well. Nintendos hardcore games sale great and the casual sales are still being added up!
--Onilink--  +   2645d ago
Yeah i agree with you, people are definetely over reacting. I wont deny that the conference was probably the most boring hour of my life and it was a bad move by nintendo because its the hardcore comunity that watch and care about E3, it would have been the same for all the mainstream media on the conference if they had anounced the casual gaming in 20min or if they took the whole hour(like they did...)

But still, just because they dont show them on a conference doesnt mean they are not in development... nintendo has always waited until the game is pretty much completed before showing it to people.

All the fanboys have been saying from the second the console was released that we were not gonna get hardcore games and we already have zelda, mario, smash, metroid and mario kart, and i do believe that nintendo is gonna deliver more of the games that we like, even if they dont show them around in the conference. And if they dont, then at least 3rd party's are starting to release some really good looking games
Smacktard  +   2646d ago
I would've been happier with their conference if all they did was come on stage, say "Here's our new external hard drive" and leave the stage.

Pity it wasn't so.
scissor_runner  +   2645d ago
Yeah I know right but you can get that working any way and it is slow as hell too. The Wii has a USB1 driver not sure if 2.0 will work since 2.0 will run off of 1.0 stuff. That would have been nice but I think the rock band thing is going to be the way things go. If they where truely casual we would have only seen the Wii music and the Wii resort would have used the old controller LOL. With better realistic next gen browns!
LordMe  +   2646d ago
*Sigh* I had faith in Nintendo. I dont know why. But I was hoping. The Motion Plus is cool. But that should have been with the console to start... >.>

I can finally say. Nintendo has stopped caring. They are riding high on the Wii / DS and have stopped putting alot of effort into their games. And it really is sad to watch a great company fall like this.
NewSchoolGamer  +   2646d ago
I did find animal crossing and wiiresort cool and exciting it isn't much really when you think about it.

So just 1 or 2 games for the hardcore gamers this year on the Wii. Very sad.
Smacktard  +   2646d ago
There's gonna be a few interesting games, just those bastards at Nintendo didn't bother mentioning them at all. Also didn't bother surprising us with any awesome first party titles. Pikmin 3, F-Zero Wii, etc. Ugh.
QueefyB  +   2646d ago
it was so embarrassing seeing them play the mario song i think when they look back at the footage they will cry just like microsoft only sony will be laughing at both
vloeistof  +   2646d ago
nintendo died ;(
wingway  +   2646d ago
amen to that
yeah, it pretty much went to hell when the N64 came out
DeckUKold  +   2645d ago
N64 = Greatest Console Ever!!!
No Doubt about it.
Shaka2K6  +   2646d ago
It sucks i hate them with passion.
DanB91  +   2646d ago
Sega does what Nintendon't!

God I miss those days :(
SmokingMonkey  +   2646d ago
i felt this way when the N64 came out
never bought one...got to play goldeneye007 an supermario64 at friends houses, but yeah as i got older nintendo stopped impressing me.

Nintendo says games are not ment to be an art, they are meant to be fun.
PS3/360 say games are a form of art, with endless boudaries.
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scissor_runner  +   2645d ago
Finding it hard to see PC like games as being art? We had those for ages man and GTTV is that art? Movie downloads Art? it's more like cable-vision to me they are making games consoles into service providers thats not art. Sure the games look good real art is about interaction not FPS and realism. The other thing is the general public does not really care about ART unless it is cheap. The PS3 and it brother are going to have to win over the joe public or the art schools some how not the hardcore gamers. When hardcore gamers start spending 20 million on a game to just show off to the public then it will be art. Lots of rich developers out there too! one problem with that is it won't be gaming any more then it would be art.
CLOUDJU  +   2646d ago
Ah damn it. Really really wanted to see a new Zelda. Damn.
kazuma  +   2646d ago
the ds has some pretty amazing games, and the wii too, it's a shame they are really going the casual way. i was expecting at least a new zelda game or something. that would have made me happy. instead we keep getting all of these wii music, wii fit, wii sports, wii play, wii whatever mainstream casual stuff.
Shaka2K6  +   2646d ago
No it doesnt kiddie ds sucks a$$.
kazuma  +   2646d ago
yeah whatever u say troll
Durffen  +   2646d ago
Don't bother trying to post a reasonable comment. N4G is PS3 Fanboy home.
kazuma  +   2646d ago
yeah dwd i'm just posting in the open zone for now because i "offended" some stupid troll in the gamer zone...starting from tomorrow or something i'm back to the gamer zone, this section is just full of crz ppl.
farsided  +   2646d ago
i give them one more generation...which will show up 2 years too late, because they're so lazy...then nintendo will disappear.
edonus   2646d ago | Spam
Arsenal4Ever  +   2646d ago

Terrible times indeed.

Gamecube was thier last proper console
tojfs7931  +   2645d ago
The wii has a gamecube built in.
scissor_runner  +   2645d ago
No the SNES was! The game cube was the test console for the Wii and the N64 was a 3d + cart last stand my worst experience game release wise with any thing almost expect the lynx. The SNES was the hardcore nintendo. We may get to see those guys again as tech gets stupid cheap. Lots of people will jump ship this gen though. The HD console are in bad shape too if it wasn't for the casuals the lead system would be the xbox 360 that would suck. Those guys have to get more people playing really! Show nintendo how it's done!
Nugundam0079  +   2646d ago
The whole E3 thing was a bust, the only big news was the whole FF13 thing and even thats not much in the way of things.....E3 sucks balls im waitng for GDC
pwnsause  +   2646d ago
nintendo conference=Fail Conference Nuff said...
Rageanitus  +   2646d ago
I knew that the moment i bought a few games from the gcube..... sorry not buying another nintendo system until they come out with a ton of resident type evil games.
LordMe  +   2646d ago
@ Nugundam0079
I dunno. I am waiting to see more on MAG. Sounds cool. LEts hope SOCOM 2's creator can make another hit.
ChickeyCantor  +   2646d ago
>_< they just didnt mention much about other games and this is suddenly the worst senerario in the world.
Again all i heard them say was : " we will show you 3 now"...
All that i can say from that is that there is allot more, the idiots are just being quiet about it.
SmokingMonkey  +   2646d ago
Nintendo top executives
looked like idiots playing Wii music. didn't even work right (piano?!)

the wiimote motion sensing add on is the biggest rip off in history!

this is what we expected the wiimote to do when it came out. (remeber, lightsaber game!) how many games are going to REQUIRE you to have this thing that makes all my wiimote attachments obsolete?
i guarrantee you they will sell an updated wiimote with this "NEW" technology inside the wiimote next year.

Nintendo is losing it with this casual sh!t, amatuer gamers need to start somewhere i guess
Durffen  +   2646d ago
Lets see, whats worse, Nintendo's E3 Press Conference, or all of you morons who keep posting articles about how bad it was trying to get hits for your site?

I don't know. At least we now know we have Voice chat coming to Wii. What are these dumb articles doing?

We all know it wasn't that good of a press conference. No need for every site possible to complain about it.
ChickeyCantor  +   2646d ago
I honestly dont get all the fuss, Every person here knows they will show more games later on.
I really dont get why all this hate is here....i really dont.
25  +   2646d ago
i wish
that nintendo does what sega did. just stop the console thing and do the software thing. i would play zelda and mario, but would/will not but the wii to do so. imagine nintendo 1st party titles on true next gen consoles.
25  +   2646d ago
it would look like this. lol
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jtucker78  +   2645d ago
I hope that happens too.

Although I don't mind them having their casual console, as long as they release their Zelda's, Marios and Metroids on the decent consoles.

Retro Studios has to leave Nintendo soon. They aren't going to make any money on the Wii. Current Gen is the way to go.
they should work on a PS3 and 360 Metroid.
Although Metroid is Nintendo ... maybe they should come up with their own IP.
scissor_runner  +   2645d ago
That would be a bad move for retro before nintendo those guys had big problems. Another thing too they would just become a Me too developer in that drowning ocean of FPS developers on HD systems. Nintendo is their life blood right now. Just look at what happen to RARE the damn founders left LOL. Factor 5 tried it and they got beat the hell down. The hardcore are one of the most demanding groups and all it takes is for one negative post on a shaky game and you are done. it will snow ball from there with the fanboys fighting.
n00bzRtehgey  +   2646d ago
nintendo sucks
SonySoldierEternaL  +   2645d ago
so does

Product  +   2646d ago
go to ign.com....there they have hints towards a new zelda,kid icarus,punchout,and how the motionplus actually is 1:1.there is also conversation about 1080, and wave race.I think e3 was a prelude to something bigger from what matt cassamasina talks about

they also talk about how the new add-on will be packaged with new remotes down the line.
#26 (Edited 2646d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jtucker78  +   2645d ago
Is that 1080 in 480p?

scissor_runner  +   2645d ago
Nice tip Product I never go there any more thanks for the tip! Are the servers back up for the motion+ thing? Also if the motion+ is such a rip off then why did it down a large server due to traffic hell wired's whole site!
specialguest  +   2646d ago
Nintendo's answer to hardcore gaming is Animal Crossing?!? What a joke.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2646d ago
nintendo is going after the casual crowd.
any hardcore gamer thinking nintendo truely cares about your money when they are succeding without you are fooling themselves.

they will give you "scraps" to make you think they care when it suites them to keep you and spread the word about wii,but you are no longer their target audience.i will say again....

"you are no longer their target audience."

but i think the poor presentation could be a way of stopping microsoft from copying more ideas.think about it.now that nintendo is leading,microsoft went out of their way to show that they want nintendo's audience.just like they previously (or still) want(ed) sony's audience.

show microsoft no ideas,keep leading by releasing your product when it's almost done.then microsoft won't have a chance to create software to copy it.giving nintendo always a lead time of maybe 6 months to a year head start.but it would be a smart move by showing...

"absolutely nothing."

wonder which one it is?

HeavyMetalGear  +   2645d ago
Look, this isn't news. This is opinion. I could argue that Nintendo pretty much announced Wii 2.0 via the Motion Controls Plus and that this is a new revolution for the Wii and how gaming will be played.
Jamaicangmr  +   2645d ago
Yeah i said fu(k you Nintendo when they revealed the Wii a few years ago. I'd maybe buy a Wii someday for these mini games but not anytime soon. Maybe when it drops to like a US$100.
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