E3 '08: Nintendo Says "F-You" to Hardcore Gamers

"It's official: after this year's E3 press conference, Nintendo has firmly cemented their status as a casual gaming device. Did you really think it wouldn't happen eventually? After all, the Wii and the DS are in 1st place in console sales, and Nintendo has made gobs of money off of the "casual" crowd. Why wouldn't they cater to that market? It's just good business sense."

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chaosatom3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

and I think they know that Hardcore gamers' money is being drained in ps3 or xbox.

So nintendo is trying to do their best by draining casual gamers' money by such item as Wii Fit.

Bubble Buddy3595d ago

This is why I didn't buy a Wii...

Next-gen, they're going to be begging for hardcore gamers to come back. Since all casual gamers already have a console, why would they want a new one?

solidt123595d ago

sure did, screw the Wii

ChickeyCantor3595d ago

"Since all casual gamers already have a console, why would they want a new one?

...if that was the case Wii wouldnt sell at all, since lots of casual gamers got a PS2 too.

Bubble Buddy3595d ago

Can the ps2 do motion controls?

Bnet3433595d ago

Hardcore gamers say "F-You" to Nintendo

badz1493595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Nice one! also a nice middle finger will do! I hate how the Wii is trying to change the way of gaming! I think I'll stick with button push controller for now! a nice addition of SIXAXIS features are still welcome but a whole game with motion? Hell NO!!

Tomdc3595d ago

i prefered the party games on gamecube to those on the wii =P

i regualy play my old gamecube games using the wii when I have friends over as opposed to actual wii games.

LeonSKennedy4Life3594d ago

Bubble Buddy.


PS2 had motion controls before the Wii was out. the name, but can we get a Spongebob avatar to go along with it?

Bubble Buddy3594d ago

LeonSKennedy4Life i see your point and ure correct, but Sony did not advertise the ps3 mainly as the EYETOY.

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MK_Red3595d ago

Yeah, they definitly did that with their horrible and boring conference. In return, I say this with all my heart to Nintendo: "F-You too".

Intrepid3595d ago

I don't see why everything had to happen at E3... So what if Nintendo didn't show of hardcore games? THEY'RE IN PRODUCTION! They've pretty much confirmed it.

E3 is a huge platform and probably the best way to reach casual audiences. Nintendo knows without a doubt that they don't need E3 in order for a "hardcore" game to gain popularity because gamers like us on N4G check the gaming news daily.

What I'm trying to say is that they want to reach out to huge audiences for their casual games, so they use a huge platform: E3. Why waste the huge platform on something we know the hardcore gamers will find out about anyway? They can announce Kid Icarus in two weeks via IGN and every hardcore gamer will know about it. If they announced Wii Sports 2 like that, how many casual gamers are going to find out about it?

Homicide3595d ago

It would've been nice if they showed us teasers of Zelda or something. I'm not watching another Nintendo Conference again.

Captain Tuttle3595d ago

Take off the blinders man. Nintendo has turned their back on the hardcore. And they expect that their super-fans will always come crawling back no matter how badly they get treated.

LeonSKennedy4Life3594d ago

Long time no comment, man. How ya been?

Also, you're right. Nintendo has left us all in the wake of money. New IP's would be awesome. Seriously.


- Gamers abandon Sony.
- Nintendo abandons gamers.
- Gamers come crawling back to Sony.
- Microsoft buys another company.
- PS3 wins the race...

Yes, I'm not kidding. That's how it's going down...and you all know it.

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Light Yagami3595d ago


linkmaster953594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

those who still gripe about the press conference havn't read this story.

ChickeyCantor3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

...All i heard them say is "we will show you 3 now"
They arent saying much about other projects....btw MAdworld looks sick! new trailer is awesome.

Honestly people are overreacting.
The press will pass this on to the casual, i mean they dont watch this on the net or something. thats why i think they showed much casual related stuff.

yes their conference sucked, but overreacting is not needed.

Rute3595d ago

Nintendo's conference sucked. It was a dumb decision not to show anything new on the hardcore front, because E3 is mainly watched by hardcore gaming community.

It's a particulary dumb decision because off and post E3 we're getting lots of information about some very promising hardcore Wii games, including MadWorld, Dead Rising, The Conduit and COD 5.

I could even understand Nintendo only showing their own hc games, because after all Nintendo is first and foremost a game company. But no, none were shown. Where were Kid Icarus, Zelda, EAD Tokyo project, Retro Studios project and many others currently under development?

But I also agree with sidar on overreacting. After all, it's only a press conference. It was not the hardcore gamers who suffered, but Nintendo's image. If we look rationally at hc gaming and Nintendo, we can see that the future is looking very promising, a lot more promising than the current situation. I have faith on the 3rd party games and also on Nintendo's 1st party games as long as Miyamoto is working for the company.

N4g_null3595d ago

Nintendo is seriously scary right now. I'm glad I'm not up against them WOW. I know I'll be getting the motion+ stuff and developer wise every one and their mom is calling nintendo about that motion thing and how it could make FPS better! It's crazy how the hardcore will hate this E3 just like last year and then go ape sh!t over the next core game that comes out. I mean the controls are pretty good now but dead on aiming would just be sick! Most guys here are gamers but developers have been wanting a less waggle like control. This thing will fit in the zapper also. I know I wanted another IR light but I think this could work. Display 5 dots(corners and center) and then take a snapshot of the IR light also and you got your self dead on aim. Mr Lee was good but that is crazy sweet! Head tracking would be great also. Then I would say the Wii is done.

You are so right about the media though imagine if their was more hype for mad world LOL it would stick out more as an evil game LOL. Yet it's in the back room where it suppose to be. I guess nintendo is growing up, main stream press is for the kids and bible holding adult public(right and wrong judgmental types) and the real hardcore is for the older guys that don't need to be spoon feed we will find what we want. Now I know not to expect too much from nintendo E3s any more but that doesn't seem to stop hardcore games from coming though. The new comers will slowly move on to the good stuff. I like how pitch fork sheep are getting their fur burnt over this though. The more that jump off the more freedom developers will have and if you make games then you know what I mean.

The sequel thing is getting old... I wonder how many people will get the next GTA? All this talk about next gen nintendo will go away is silly also. If any thing they know both customer bases very well. Nintendos hardcore games sale great and the casual sales are still being added up!

--Onilink--3594d ago

Yeah i agree with you, people are definetely over reacting. I wont deny that the conference was probably the most boring hour of my life and it was a bad move by nintendo because its the hardcore comunity that watch and care about E3, it would have been the same for all the mainstream media on the conference if they had anounced the casual gaming in 20min or if they took the whole hour(like they did...)

But still, just because they dont show them on a conference doesnt mean they are not in development... nintendo has always waited until the game is pretty much completed before showing it to people.

All the fanboys have been saying from the second the console was released that we were not gonna get hardcore games and we already have zelda, mario, smash, metroid and mario kart, and i do believe that nintendo is gonna deliver more of the games that we like, even if they dont show them around in the conference. And if they dont, then at least 3rd party's are starting to release some really good looking games

Smacktard3595d ago

I would've been happier with their conference if all they did was come on stage, say "Here's our new external hard drive" and leave the stage.

Pity it wasn't so.

N4g_null3595d ago

Yeah I know right but you can get that working any way and it is slow as hell too. The Wii has a USB1 driver not sure if 2.0 will work since 2.0 will run off of 1.0 stuff. That would have been nice but I think the rock band thing is going to be the way things go. If they where truely casual we would have only seen the Wii music and the Wii resort would have used the old controller LOL. With better realistic next gen browns!