It's Bubble Day!

From Cat: (Actually, there is a "world bubble day" and today isn't it. Shhh...)

Comment on this blog (once) and I will give you a bubble!


- I'm leaving! ( ) Consider this precious bubble a farewell gift?
- We plan on getting rid of bubbles in an update
- ...but that update isn't ready, and aren't we all tired of waiting?

So, yes. Comment on the blog and I will gift you a bubble. Golly, make it a really good comment and I will gift you two!

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Anthotis1017d ago

I could really do with a bubble.

Maddens Raiders1017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

Me too..

edit:/ what the hell? how did I lose another one? :(

ifistbrowni1016d ago

do we comment here or at the link?

nix1016d ago

Me want one or two. badly. /:

but please don't get rid of bubble system. if you're getting rid of it, at least give us back an "Open Zone".

Ghost_of_Tsushima1017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

I think we all could use an extra bubble:) Those one bubble guys will be twice as annoying now. Lol

Honestly can't wait until the new update. Bye bye bubble system!

Also farewell cat:)

G20WLY1017d ago

I dunno, I'll miss bubbles - I haven't said that since the sad passing of Michael Jacksons chimp...oh God, here come the tears again! :-(

G20WLY1017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

^Also, best of luck in your new endeavours, Cat.

I'll miss your nice words during comp's and articles. Just saw your latest article; Christopher has some big shoes to fill. Not that you have big feet. You might, but that's okay. There's nothing wrong with big feet. Or small ones. Or medium... Please don't take a bubble, you know what I'm trying to say!

You did good, thank you! :)

AngelicIceDiamond1017d ago

More bubbles more problems lol.

SilentNegotiator1017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

A free bubble for anyone? The trolls are gonna love this :S

I still think that the bubble system works and should stay.

JackBNimble1016d ago

Funny , I lost a bubble after a Grammar troll was out trolling someone and their post. But this grammar troll used the words you're and your incorrectly , so I pointed that out , was marked for trolling and lost a bubble.


SilentNegotiator1016d ago

Well, it's not perfect. I don't think people should have their comments marked as "off topic" or "trolling" when it is a not-trolling on-topic response to something determined to be an off topic comment. But overall, I have found that reasonable users of every background and platform of choice can build up a lot of bubbles over time with funny, intelligent, and helpful comments.

ifistbrowni1016d ago

I lost a bubble for openly announcing I've developed a few stalkers who literally PM'd me and asked me to kill myself for going for Achievement/Trophies...

The bubble system is definitely more than flawed.

SilentNegotiator1016d ago

That comment was an off topic tirade.

People who don't have a sense of what comments are appropriate and when are always the people who think the bubble system is flawed.

ifistbrowni1016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

please explain how:

"hopefully we get an Xfinity (comcast) app so I can pack away my 360. The 360 app always freezes my system and it gets kinda annoying. Off topic-ish, the HBO GO app on 360 doesn't even compete with the x1 app. The x1 app is so much better"

could be considered off topic on an article discussing apps? The only reason I considered the HBO GO discussion "Off-topicish" is because HBO GO obviously isn't releasing this summer since it's already available. I was pointing out how even though the app delivers the same content, the UI on X1 HBO-GO is much better than the 360 one.

It was marked for trolling which is absolutely asinine.

Granted, you can say the first part was a bit off topic, but it was a reply to the remark, "how could any one disagree with, 'this has potential,' is beyond me." Still, it wasn't marked as "Off-topic" it was marked for Trolling. Wish mods were obligated to explain how I broke the N4G sites ToS like other sites do (if you get infractions on a forum, they send you a PM + Email).

Mods of this site went crazy with popping bubbles on that article. The 1st part of that post was a reply, the 2nd part was on-topic. Nothing related to trolling.

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Azzanation1017d ago

I wouldn't mind a bubble too lol

vickers5001016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

Bubble please? I don't exactly need one, but it would be cool to see my bubbles actually going past 6 for once.

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Snookies121017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

Can I get another? Lol, I'm kidding... Cool little gift though.

uth111017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

edit: oh I see you already gave me bubbles, thanks

cl19831017d ago

Oh I want more bubbles.

What I can't have more then ten :(

xHeavYx1017d ago

Hey, other ten bubble guy, high five!

Kurisu1017d ago

I've never gone up from 5. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!?! xD