BioShock Infinite looks amazing running at 4K resolution; unbelievably beautiful textures

Here are some unbelievable images of BioShock Infinite running at 4K resolution. These 4K images are uncompressed and are presented in the “.png” format–instead of “.jpg” format.

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Ripsta7th1348d ago

Im calling it rn, were going to get Bioshock infinite and Skyrim remastered
Source: pulled straight out of my ass

ifistbrowni1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

I wish they would.

Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite kinda like the Borderlands 2 and Borderlands:TPS bundle...

I played both Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite at launch and the whole story line to the original Bioshock eludes me. I want to play it again.

Bioshock 2 I skipped because they added multiplayer.

etownone1348d ago

bioshock 2 and the dlc were actually pretty good .... not as good as part 1 , but I'd say better then infinite

ifistbrowni1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Is that why I'm getting Disagreed with? Because I dislike the fact that they pushed a garbage Multiplayer onto the franchise (which failed and they reverted to focusing on single player in Infinite). At the time Bioshock 2 came out they were pushing garbage MP into every game that was traditionally a single player experience. I was taking a "stand."

When they were marketing Bioshock 2 they were emphasizing multi-player. If they would have focused more on marketing single-player, maybe I would've been swayed.

I can also see people complaining, "wishing for another remaster?" I find remasters to be cheaper when the original game for 360/ps3 features expensive DLC add-ons.

TLOU:R has like $50 worth of DLC if you would buy it on PS3 (does not include the purchase of TLOU). Borderlands 2, Borderlands:TPS + All DLC is well over $80 worth of DLC not including the games, Bioshock Infinite + it's DLC would be like $40. I'd rather pay $20 more and have the convenience of playing it on the new consoles with a bit of an upgrade in the graphics department with a hope of them adding the trilogy into the collection.

The reason I brought up The Handsome Collection is because both these franchises are published by 2K. It wouldn't be too far of a stretch to assume if they re-released Infinite it would include at least one other game from the Franchise...

decrypt1348d ago

Question is just how many games are console gamers going to rebuy before throwing in the towel?

I mean its pointless buying all these remakes on console, anyone thinking this is a collection is deluded as when the next gen starts they will be back to square one as consoles have no BC.

If people really desire to build a gaming library they should free them selves of these corporates buy all multiplats on PC.

ifistbrowni1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

@decrypt, I just gave you a few examples of "Remastered" games in which you save money by buying the remasters.

You get a game + all it's expensive DLC. I consider most re-masters to be a bargain since DLC rarely goes on sale.

Plus, it's been proven that these "re-releases" are not preventing new IPs from being released on Consoles.

You ever hear of Bloodborne? The Order? Sunset Overdrive? Quantum Break? Until Dawn?

Then there are always continuations of popular franchises... Ever hear of Uncharted 4? Halo 5:Guardians? Gears of War (untitled)?

Re-masters are good for the people that want them. For the people that do not want them, they can simply ignore them. I like to play the FULL game (includes DLC). The cheapest way to do that would be to buy the GOTY (if available) or the "Remasters"

For the inevitable "get a PC" argument, which I'll address now since I'm out of bubbles:

Great, let me use $300-600 to buy a PC and still be left having to buy a XB1 and PS4 because I would not want to miss out on their great exclusive franchises.

The upside to exclusively owning XB1 and PS4, there is rarely a game worth playing that doesn't eventually make it to consoles (as in, PC "exclusives"), the same cannot be said about exclusive console games coming to PC. PC is just now getting GTA V. Plus, none of my real life friends play on PC.

The Downside: Consoles that are under-powered but still powerful enough with an affordable price and a year subscription to play online.

captainexplosion1348d ago

It amazes me the way fanboys tiny brains work. Skipping a franchise u love because they added MP is just stupid. Especially when it's a first person shooter. U realize u didn't have to play the MP and it didn't affect the single player at all right? And by the way, Bioshock 2's MP was actually fun.

LexHazard791348d ago

I'm disagreeing with you because you skipped Bioshock 2 because they included multiplayer. Thats one if not the dumbest excuse Ive ever heard for skipping a game. Did Bioshock 2 not have single player story still revolving around Rapture? Oh I forgot you skipped it. To each his own, skipping because they included multiplayer is dumb, is all Im saying. You missed out on a good game.

Darkwatchman1348d ago

Bioshock 2's multiplayer actually wasn't that bad. It's just not amazing. And Bioshock 2 as a game overall was still good and the Minerva's Den DLC was one of the better single player add-ons I've played for a game. You just judged a good game for a dumb reason.

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kevnb1348d ago

Skyrim has already been remastered on pc, at least by console marketing standards.

Activemessiah1348d ago

Out of curiosity, what do you need to run Bioshock in 4K?

Lon3wolf1348d ago

This will give you an idea 4k is at the bottom of that page.

Bdub20001348d ago

PC gamer reply: you'd need 8 x PS4's for 4k gaming
PS4 gamer reply: you just need a PS4

Maxor1348d ago

PS4 real reply: I wish I can run games at 1080p 60 FPS.

nitus101348d ago


If I am reading those charts right none of those cards can really do 60 fps @ 4k (3,840 x 2,160) resolution although the AMD Radeon R9 295X2 8GB does come close for a paltry $999.95 (

Actually from what I can gather there are only six cards (including the one I mentioned above) that can actually do 30 fps and over.

So unless you are willing to spend the money on a good graphics card 4k gaming (at least for Bioshock Infinite) is still not there.

Of course you do need a 4k monitor that can handle at least 60 fps and surprisingly they are not all that expensive although price does depend on size and performance as well.

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Femto1348d ago

It's 2015 and people still don't realize that irrational games went under.

Bethesda softworks never remastered an elder scrolls. Or any of their games for that matter. Because they don't need too.they're probably too busy working on elder scrolls 6 and fallout 4

nitus101348d ago

I would not mind a remastered Skyrim for the PS4. On the PS3 the game still looks great but does suffer from slowdown and the odd freeze (rare but does happen).

One thing anyone that wants to play Skyrim on the PS3 needs or should know is that when your saves exceed 6 MB you really need to turn off all auto saving and save manually from then on. You very quickly learn to manually save when you come into a dangerous situation especially after you loose a few hours of game-play :-)

Femto1348d ago

@nitus10 im aware of the problems with the ps3 version, i bought the game day 1 on the ps3 and the lag was so terrible after my saves got big, i switched to the 360 version then finally the pc version now

but yeah i experienced those nightmares, i blame bethesda. it seems that no one at bethesda played the game long enough to see the lag and you dont even have to play that long to see it, even after the patches the game still has problems

magiciandude1348d ago

The way gaming in general is heading toward, I would be wondering why these games are not getting remasters. I am expecting by the end of next year that the Xbox One's and (especially) PS4's selection at GameStop will be ridiculously littered with recycled games.

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MazzingerZ1348d ago

Good game but didn't finish it. Got tired of the last part where you go around and have to collect some parts in order to escape or something...backtracking is a turn off for me, I was pretty happy with the story and ready to finish it...why that need of trying to extend the game's length just for the sake of having it above certain average number of gameplay hours?

First Bioshock had also its backtracking, I guess that's part of the designer style....good/great games, though.

Ultr1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Same here... Its just plain boring.
Loved the game though. But that just puts me off

UKmilitia1348d ago

number 1 was great but i got bored with number 2 and infinate

nitus101348d ago

My son and I did try the original Bioshock and while the game is good we found ourselves becoming bored too quickly for my liking.

Not sure why my son and I lost interest but I prefer games like Oblivion, Skyrim and the Souls series and have put hundreds of hours into them. Maybe it's the Sci Fi setting but then again I did like the first Dead Space and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

I think you are right with regard to the backtracking but I have also played games (ie. Dragon's Dogma) were back-tracking is also important and I really liked that game.

Volkama1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

So little point to sharing 4k images. Either someone has a 4k setup and can see the game in 4k for themselves, or they don't have a 4k setup and the quality of the screenshot is lost anyway.

kraenk121348d ago

For the first part even a downsampled picture looks better than at native resolution. Second you can always zoom in and increase the distance to your monitor.

Volkama1348d ago

A downsampled image looks nowhere close to a native 4k image. In fact if you are "downsampling" by letting windows or your browser automatically scale the image you won't even get the super sampling-like benefit of using nvidia dsr or amd vsr.

You can zoom into the image. That's the only benefit, and it's quite a minimal one.

I have a tonne of 4k screenshots from my own rig, and they all look like nothing special on a lower resolution monitor. On a 1080p monitor these bioshock screenshots look like 1980x1080 images. Because that's how many pixels the screen can display.

kraenk121348d ago

@Volkama I was never talking about native 4K resolution of course. i was talking about native 1080p vs a downsampled 4K picture in 1080p.
To be exact when I said downsampling I meant the super sampling possible on Nvidia cards.
I get the meaning of your post but I wouldn't call it useless. Obviously there are not many 4K users yet but the numbers are increasing fast.

Lon3wolf1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

These 4K images are uncompressed and are presented in the “.png” format–instead of “.jpg” format.

From the article.

2nd doh today, I see what you are saying, must put my seeing glasses on when reading comments, :/ .

kstap331348d ago

Does it make the game fun to play? That's the only issue I ran into.

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