370 Million PlayStation Consoles Have Been Sold Since December 1994

CraveOnline: "Since 1994 PlayStation has been a top-selling brand in the console space. During that time it has earned itself a wealth of fans, and accumulated the most sales of any brand of its kind."

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tinynuggins965d ago

I still remember that year! My first console bought with my own money. The very first Playstation. I remember going by ebgames/software Etc. and reading that pamphlet about it coming soon. The black Korn disc that it came bundled with. That (at the time) most realistic dinosaur I had ever seen in my life demo haha. Jumping flash, battle arena toshinden and ridge racer were my launch games. One of my all time top 3 gaming moments.

Septic964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

I remember reading about it in a magazine and then finally buying it in Dubai airport.

I held on to that Playstation box so hard and stared at the pictures of the games at the back of the box for AGES. My mind had formulated its own little stories about how those games would play. Tekken and Tomb Raider. Stared at those shots for ages. And the games themselves did not disappoint at all.

Ah PS One. Possibly my most favourite console of all time.

Pogmathoin964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

Remember years of C64/ZX48, Amiga/ST..... NES/Megadrive..... Then Playstation came...... Gran Turismo then came with Manic street preachers on soundtrack.... That was it, sold on it..... Syphon Filter cemented it.......

Syphon needs to come back!

Genuine-User964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

I will never forget the first time I saw my cousin use his PlayStation. Imagine a kid who spent most of his childhood playing Sonic, Flinstones, Aladdin and The Lion King on Sega Genesis getting introduced to a new console through the mighty Rayman. I could not believe my eyes. It looked glorious lol.

SpinalRemains138964d ago

Ps1. Hell yes!



Nuclear Strike!

blackblades964d ago

I remember being outside enjoying the sunlight. Kidding I was 3-4 I don't remember anything.

subtenko964d ago

Playstation 4 Everyone! Playstation 4 Ever! It's literally "Play" "Station". Always will be a favorite with the majority!

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miyamoto964d ago

Used to be a die hard Sega fanboy and did not want a PlayStation.
Got the Sega Saturn first until it ran out of new games.
Loved the Dreamcast morw than the PS2.
Not until I realized how the American and British gaming media slammed the mighty PS3 in favor of the RROD Xbox 360 did I become a fan of the PlayStation and how much it has done to advance vidwo gaming.
Got my self 5 PSOnes eventually.

Morgue964d ago

I still have the Kileek big plastic box

Aloy-Boyfriend965d ago

Happy and proud of being a PlayStation fan since the PS1 days.

nX965d ago

Same here and as long as Sony keeps it up like that I'll continue to support them :)
Nintendo lost a lot of it's magic but Sony's first party still impresses me regularly, can't wait to see what these guys are working on.

BoriboyShoGUN964d ago

yep me too! Started on ATARI though HA!!

MysticStrummer964d ago

I actually had a home console before the Atari 2600. Now I'm completely immersed in the world of Bloodborne. Console gaming has come a long way.

SpinalRemains138964d ago

How badass was playing Combat w/ paddles in 1982?

That was the most amazing thing to me. Tanks and jets and choppers galore. So much fun the Atari. I still play Adventure every couple of years just for the hell of it.

iceman06964d ago

LOL...My very first home video game was a knock off of Pong! Played it on my own black and white TV. My mother got them at a pawn shop for my birthday. It was one of the greatest days of my life. Then, I took my father's Intellevision. I figured he owed it too me since he hadn't done too much else for me after they divorced. Then, the Commodore 128 for several years. But, the first Playstation was the one that I spent MY hard earned money on.

nosferatuzodd964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

Dam I remeber the first time I played res evil oh my goddes that game, when those dogs came through the windows wow
Im a ps fan for ever bury me with a playstation.controls in my hand man

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crazychris4124965d ago

I don't think we will ever see a console top the PS2 not only in sales but in the variety of the games library and the # of quality games.

hkgamer964d ago

i personally think ps1 had a better library. obviously lots of those 3d games are hard to play due to the controls but the variety of games the ps1 had and the number of classics it had was amazing.

mrdxpr2964d ago

That vid/song deserves a standing ovation amazing thanks for sharing

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