Duking It Out for a Houseful of Smiles

From The New York Times:

" PICKING out a home video game system should be easy this holiday season because for most consumers the decision ought to come down to only three choices - including one that is easily dismissed.

If you or your loved ones are even halfway-serious gamers who want to experience world-class high-definition graphics and an online gaming service populated with millions of other players, go buy the top version of Microsoft's Xbox 360 ($399).

On the other hand, if you do not really care about the latest graphics and want instead a riotously fun experience that can be shared by the entire family, including the nongamers who usually flee from a joystick, try to get your hands on Nintendo's new Wii ($249).

It is really that simple. Though aimed at different markets, the 360 and the Wii provide excellent entertainment for the dollar and are each capable of filling your home with smiles for years to come.

But what about Sony's new PlayStation 3?

By now, you have probably heard about folks who camped out for days to buy the PS3. You have heard about some of those people getting mugged while shivering in line a few weeks ago. You have heard about the four-figure prices the console has been fetching on eBay. And you may have heard, quite correctly, that it will be all but impossible for many consumers to buy one at retail for the rest of the year.

No problem. In fact, if you are anything other than a complete Sony fanboy (that's Internet lingo for an obsessed, myopic groupie) go ahead and forget about the PlayStation 3 this year. Even if you find one, the overhyped PS3 does not deliver an entertainment experience commensurate with its cost ($599 for the top version, not including special cables to connect to a high-definition TV), and falls short of its main competition in important ways.

The big picture is that Microsoft and Sony are duking it out for dominance at the top end of the video game business while Nintendo has essentially carved out the less hard-core, more budget-sensitive swath of the market for itself. The Wii (pronounced "we") is a mass-market entertainment device. The 360 and PS3, by contrast, are each trying to be the world's best top-end video game system and also high-powered living room media hubs.

The big problem for Sony is that the 360 performs those functions better right now, and for less money, than the PS3. Sony may get the PS3's act together in the future, but right now there is basically no rational reason to buy a PlayStation 3 instead of an Xbox 360."

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Raiyel4368d ago

It seems to me like this is a thesis paper on why you should buy an Xbox360.

I especially liked the part where you literally tell folks to "go buy the top version of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 ($399)."

Or how about "The big problem for Sony is that the 360 performs those functions better right now."

THAT'S COMPLETELY BOGUS - These are the opinions of 1 gamer - NOT NEWS!

Come on man - I'm shocked that this even made it through the moderation board for

I hate to say it and I'm not 'striking back' but I think what's trying to be done here is sway consumers with misleading information, this is an essay... and that's kinda pathetic...

nambo4368d ago

As with most articles, the author is giving his opinions as to his experiences with the various systems, and I happen to agree with most of what he had to say. He simply states that as things stand, the PS3 isn't living up to the hype and that the X360's available library of games has more value for hardcore gamers. What is misleading about this article?

Dlacy13g4368d ago

Sorry you may disagree with this article...but its a news article in one of the largest news papers in the US..if not the world. So yes...its news worthy on this site.

MicroGamer4368d ago (Edited 4368d ago )

The premium 360 does not come with a remote control right out of the box. it may have in the past, but not anymore. Mine didn't and neither the box nor any of the enclosed materials say that it should have. The HD-DVD player does. Microsoft may have deleted the remote from later packed 360's to give buyers more incentive to get the HD-DVD player.

Juevani4368d ago

America is tryin 2 sell their own home product, talk about nationalsim, nice try again ms, but it just not new that a 360 freak make up some lies about ps3 again.. and as a mather of fact, 2 make ur 360 a half full entertainment system u gotta have a HD DVD and online profile, and how much will the price on that piece of sh*t console be?? minimum $650.. PS3 is $599 full equiped.. peace out

scriptkiddie4368d ago (Edited 4368d ago )

you need to buy component cables... add another $50.00 to the price... Xbox includes them. Sony Fanboys always leave that part out.

CyberSentinel4368d ago

Whats wrong with American products? If you feel so strongly, go buy your Delaystation on ebay for a 300% mark up.

Dusk4368d ago

I believe what this guy is referring to is the fact that 360 games look better, play better, can have music streamed during gameplay, have better online, and all display in 1080i (unlike the PS3). In addition, as a media hub he's probably referring to the fact that the 360 offers HD content on demand, displays HD movies in 720p, can stream content from a PC/Mac, can use a PC HDD for extra storage, and actually comes with HD cables out of the box.

Now if you take all of these facts into consideration, the 360 does outperform the PS3 on nearly every level. Fortunately for PS3 fans, most of these things can be updated by Sony (if they get on it), but currently the author of this article is correct. Until Sony upgrades the PS3, there is absolutely no justification for the PS3's higher price tag. In fact, it should be cheaper since it performs at a lower level.

eepiccolo4368d ago

"Sony fanboy (that’s Internet lingo for an obsessed, myopic groupie)"

That made me laugh.