Blue Dragon Arrives

A look at the packaging, and some early impressions.

The Xbox brand's biggest Japanese title ever is about to hit Japanese retail in a little over 12 hours from the time of this story's publication. But seeing as how Blue Dragon has been in my top five most wanted list since its announcement, I decided to head out to a secret shop located in some secret location in the heart of the Tokyo wilderness. At this gamers' haven, games are unofficially sold one or two days in advance of their official release. IGN's Anoop Gantayat walked -- no, skipped -- home with a copy of the Xbox 360's first big-name Japanese RPG.

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dcruse4393d ago

I wonder what Microsoft has to say about DVD's still having enough space for Future games

frostbite064393d ago

You can switch disks or pay an extra $200 to not switch disks.

BIadestarX4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

Or not have the game at all. It's not like you can say, "I'm getting blue dragon for the PS3".
I wan't this game and I don't care if it comes on as many CD as Final Fantasy 7 or Metal Gear(which happen to make PlayStation what it is today) for the PSone had.

Fanboys are gay4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

there was no need to put in a hd-dvd drive as standard as only a handful of hames would have used the space so it makes sense to put these games on multipal dvd's

likeaboss3024393d ago

If the install base gets big enough for the HD DVD drive MS should offer both HD DVD and DVD versions of the game. They did CD and DVD for some PC games why should 360 be any different.

ElementX4393d ago

If you're too lazy to walk a few feet to the TV stand then you're pretty pathetic. Most of the space is cutscenes, so you can play without having to switch very often.

bung tickler4393d ago

in games like this (that use lots of CGI) the play is very liner so swaping a disk really is not much of a problem you play about 15 hours then you swap a disk then you play 15 hours and swap a disk, not too hard if you ask me. Pretty much all other game including free raoming game like Oblivion or Saints Row, or the forthcoming GTA4 are all done with the in-engine rendering which take up next to nothing for space so DVD will be more than ample for the full length of this generation. I mean think about it do you ever hear talk about PC games going to HD-DVD no, because there is no need. so basically what I am saying is the only games that will need more space will be liner ones and swapping a disk every couple of days for only a small handfull of games is much better, in my opinion, than being forced to pay $200 more for a next-gen drive that isnt even standardized.

Lex Luthor4393d ago

Only lazy pri<ks and retards care about changing discs. I want this game badly, no cared when FF7 or Metal Gear came on 3 discs; so why now.

The Snake4393d ago

Easy. Now that the PS3 is out, it's one of the few PS3 advantages that Sony fanboys can still cling to in order to make them feel better about themselves.

MicroGamer4393d ago

It felt to me like I would get about 5 minutes of game play and then be forced to sit through 20 minutes of CGI before I could play again. Is this what PS3'ers are pushing so hard to get?? No thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.