The Final Fantasy XV Boys’ Club: Is It a Problem?

Final Fantasy XV will have an all-male party. Should this be upsetting? Or is it a relative non-issue? I'm leaning towards the latter. The question to consider here is this: while we obviously need more great female characters headlining games, does that mean games with male playable characters should be shunned? All this is discussed through the link

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NovusTerminus986d ago

I think it's funny that XV is a problem, however X-2 was not sexist for an all female cast...

cogniveritas985d ago

That's a good point but X-2 took plenty of heat for looking like a girly game. I did find it to be enjoyable and even liked the faster paced combat system than in FFX.

The question I would have is what kind of characters are these. Lightning was more Alpha in FFXIII-3 than any of the male leads in recent FF history. Can we have a male lead who is not just a random kid, or depressed and emotionally/mentally damaged. Now that I think about it, those kind of guys are usually just chilling like Balthier & Auron,

But just as I can appreciate playing an all female team, I'm sure there are females who wouldn't mind a all male cast as long as they have interesting personalities. A quote from the article by Tabata says

"Speaking honestly, an all-male party feels almost more approachable for players. Even the presence of one female in the group will change their behaviour, so that they’ll act differently. So to give the most natural feeling, to make them feel sincere and honest, having them all the same gender made sense in that way…The world might be ready to see the curtain lifted on what boys do when girls aren’t around, when they come out of the tent all prim and proper. That’s kind of the idea behind it… we think, male or female player, that everyone will feel a certain connection and bond with the four characters."

Although I disagree with the first sentence of the quote, the rest makes sense. L

Lord_Sloth985d ago

X-2's heat was from it's seemingly different style, not the fact that it had an all female cast. The trailer even looked more like Charlie's Angels and nothing like a Final Fantasy game.

ThunderPulse985d ago

FFXIII-1/LR had Lightning as the main character.

SoulMisaki985d ago

How often do you see an all female cast in anything? Not very often.

Also, I would like to point out that there's no such thing as reverse sexism - where females are 'sexist' against males - as females are not in the same positions of power and acceptance as men are on a regular basis.

They cannot be sexist.

However, they can be Misandrist - a word used for specific individuals or ideals that advocate the hate of men, by people regardless of gender - but not sexist.

In any case, I highly doubt that X-2 was Misandrist either.

On topic though, having an all male cast in FF13 is not blatantly sexist, but it doesn't exactly promote equality, especially with Cidney's revealing outfit.

We'll just have to see how they include women and write them in the story before casting that ballot.

NoctisPendragon985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

Making a game is getting harder and harder and more limited also.
They do what they want with thier game and you do what you want with your money.

areisul985d ago

"Females can't be sexist!" "WAIT WHY ARE PEOPLE ANGRY WITH ME"

You're an idiot, don't be surprised if people treat you like an idiot.

UmbrellaBlimp985d ago

It's always weird when people reply to Disagrees.....

Kind of sad too.

raWfodog985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

Since you're concerned about your 'disagrees', I thought I'd point out that you may be getting them because of your generally inaccurate comparison between a sexist and a misandrist.

While its true that sexism generally occurs against women, a sexist is ANYONE who is prejudiced or discriminates based on a person's sex or gender. So yes, women can very well be sexist against men. A woman saying 'men are not good with babies' is a sexist statement.

Misandry is a much more extreme concept involving hatred against men and is very much different from sexism which just groups sexes into stereotypical roles.

Don't believe me? Read this for a better understanding.


Lasombra985d ago

Sexism is sexism. Any person is capable of it regardless of gender.

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Spotie985d ago

I came here to say exactly that. No one said a word when three girls were the entire cast, and they saved the world. Hell, Serah and Lightning took leads in the XIII saga, and it was all okay.

But XV has an all-male party, and there's even a question?


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Godmars290986d ago

Because the franchise has had female characters, the prior "trilogy" featured Lightning FFS, this shouldn't be a big deal.

That said, the basic limited diversity of the character types, the overall generic design, speaks of bigger creative issues with the game.

cogniveritas985d ago

I think he's asking which one has the personality and isn't generically emo? I think it's the blond guy.

Irishguy95985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

From the dialogue so far, none of them are emo. You guys have no idea what you're talking about :/ thats all I see, I keep seeing the word emo thrown around and that the characters are similar...but like...they aren' all

Edit- Ah sure its been the same for ages, same people comment stating incorrect information. Like they haven't even looked at the game. This is probably the first FF were 'Emo' doesn't even come close to the characters personalities.

Godmars290985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

They're generic *Because*:
- They all dress in black.
- They all look like they just walked off the cover of GQ.
- Most importantly: it doesn't matter what weapons they have/use. Even/especially the prince who is his own one-man combo.

And the last has been especially true for the last three direct, FF10 to FF13, entries in the series.

Waka's volleyball was literally *THE* most leathal/effective weapon in FF10.

Call me dumb all you want. But please, try to better/eloquent job of it.

scark92986d ago

It will possibly tie in with the story, so why not wait til the game releases to see if it is a problem.

stragomccloud986d ago

Probably not. Final Fantasy has a history of strong female characters. This will just be the first all male cast since the original game.

dotwithshoes986d ago

My question is, Why do we need more female characters headlining games? Why does it matter? Let people be creative and make what THEY want to make, it's their game after all.

ShaunCameron985d ago

It matters, because some people think they're entitled to what someone else worked for and it isn't fair that the person get to enjoy the rewards of his work while they're left to do without.

Now, to answer the headline, no. It is not a problem. Girls are free to make their own girls club. It's not the boys' problem that girls didn't have the acumen, the intelligence, the work ethic, etcetera to consider the idea and do likewise. To suggest that girls should be included in boys spaces sounds pretty condescending implying that girls can't achieve anything on their own.

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