Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Action Games of 2007

While many first-person shooters and RPGs fall into this extremely general category, for the purpose of this article we'll be checking out next-year's biggest third-person action games, and it's quite an impressive list indeed.

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Smellslikepie4393d ago

Cboc?! *giggle*

How did that get past the people who moderate the posts? Or is this something that I've not heard about?

PS360PCROCKS4393d ago

Awesome list indeed. Alan wake is 2008 now tho. But RE5, oh man love that series I remember being in 7th grade and playing it at home for the first time and get freaked out so bad I turned it off, lol

Yo Wassap4393d ago

that list was odd, i'm assuming action means not an FPS or TPS but they still included a few, but other games didn't make it under those genres. Good list but strangely composed.

G_CodeMonkey4393d ago

Kane & Lynch will be awesome but I'm most looking forward to Bioshock. gCM

PS360PCROCKS4392d ago

biochock was on a different list already, I think FPS or something