Playstation 4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle glides in at £329

Dealspwn: Why so serious? Well its freekin hard not to be knowing that the beautiful Batman Arkham Knight Playstation 4 bundle has now been priced at an extremely attractive £329 (that's a huge £40 saving off the RRP). Due for release on June 23rd, the Arkham Knight bundle not only sports a limited edition Steel Grey PS4 system chassis, but also comes with custom Batman: Arkham Knight faceplate, Steel Grey PS4 Dual Shock controller and copy of Batman: Arkham Knight.

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Blues Cowboy1207d ago

That's ridiculous(ly awesome).

And annoying because I bought a PS4 last week after waiting for so long. Still, hey, I can play Bloodborne now rather than waiting until June.

bggriffiths1207d ago

I hope Sony sell that controller separately at a later date. Hmm, silver

rosscoffx1207d ago

Really, really like this! Just a shame I have one already... not sure the Mrs would be a fan of a second PS4 purchase!

Blues Cowboy1207d ago

You could buy it for her?

rosscoffx1207d ago

Lol, I really like my balls dude! Rather keep them.

georgenancy1207d ago

i really want this bundle.The faceplate looks really good.It got me like:

WizzroSupreme1207d ago

Love the silver finish. This is one of the best looking PS4 special editions I've seen yet.

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