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Good Game: I know at the end of the year I'm going to look back and say, "What were my top 3 games for the year? Oh yeah, Bloodborne's definitely in there, even with the issues I have." This game won't appeal to everybody, though.

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PowerPlayaaa1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I know at the end of the year I'm going to look back and say, "What were my top 3 games for the year? Oh yeah, Bloodborne's definitely in there,

And he gave it a 7/10
Hahahhaa clickbait

ameliabaz1204d ago

The guy is the one who loved it and said its one of his favorite games of the year. He gave it a positive score. The girl is the one who didn't like it and lowered the overall score.

nix1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

i hate this "let's try to please everyone" voting system.

by the looks of it i think she wanted rainbows and unicorns in the game.

slapsta721203d ago

The score is an average between the two of them, and they use a star rating system, which does not translate percentage-wise to an out-of-ten system as used by N4G.

Stoppokingme1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

If you watched the show he actually gave it 4/5 stars.

MrSwankSinatra1203d ago

Typical "Oh I don't agree with review score, therefore it's clickbait" line. Grow up dude they're just opinions.

Mr Marvel1203d ago

Bajo loved it, Hex didn't... their scores averaged out to a 7/10 (if you can convert stars to numbers).

This will almost definitely be in my top 3 games this year.

Now that Uncharted 4 has been pushed into next year there's only 2 other games (that I know of) that could match this imo... Batman Arkham Knight and Persona 5.

Spotie1203d ago

But why the hell would you average two scores, instead of just having two separate scores?

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slinky1234561204d ago

No game is for everyone. I feel like reviewers keep repeating this when they review BB. Get better reviewers that know the genre better/and/or get someone that has played games like it.

PowerPlayaaa1204d ago

Every game out there aint for everyone. Even the casual games like COD,BF,AC etc etc. So i hate that argument.
They should say that in every game review they make, because in reality, we all dont like the same games anyway's.

Death1203d ago

If you only get people that like the game to review it, what good is the review? Reviews are supposed to be done for the average gamer. It's a catch 22. I've disagreed with many reviews, but they were games or genres I liked more than most people. You want to think only fans of the genre should review a particular game, but that isn't accurate when you take in the fact reviews are made for the masses. This is why you shouldn't use reviews as the sole reason for your purchase.

stuna11203d ago

How you got disagreed with is mind boggling! Review score are subjective to the person playing the game taste. Just like there are wide diversity in ethnic backgrounds, that diversity is also present in peoples taste which equates to their opinion.

Opinion are considered facts when it pertains to the individual making the claim specific to themselves! It become an opinion when it attempts to generalize or influence other people views or, stances other than themselves.

That's why exactly as you said reviews shouldn't be used as the sole reason for a persons purchase.

N4Flamers1203d ago

Im going to have to disagree with you death. Firstly he said get people that know the genre to review the game. He did not say get fans of the game to review it. Secondly and especially with a niche game like the souls series you need someone that understands what gameplay is supposed to be like to accurately measure if the game improves or is taking a step back from previous games.

If a reviewer is clear and concise he can accurately portray what the game is like to new comers. I do agree that you shouldnt use reviews as your sole reason to purchase but i think having an understanding of what youre supposed to be getting in the game is of the utmost importance.

Death1203d ago

When you get someone that is an expert in the genre or is well versed it still creates bias in the review. The same thing was said for The Order, reviewers were less than excited over the cinematic presentation and they dinged it accordingly. Fans say this should be overlooked since it was the way the game was designed. The end results are the same either way.

Bloodborne is getting great reviews. Is it really worth debating the minority reviews that didn't like the game as much as we feel they should have? I think it's great that the game is reviewing well and getting the exposure it deserves.

N4Flamers1203d ago

Thats not necessarily the case. If you have an expert in the genre he can tell you the exact reason something doesnt or does work. Reviewers should not be biased I agree but being an expert doesnt automatically make you biased.

I would trust a review from someone who understands street fighter over someone who doesnt play fighting games at all. An expert would be willing to tell you the differences and then give his opinion about why a certain change is good or bad. You might be confusing expert with rabid fanboy. No one wants to hear reviews from them.

Death1203d ago

I agree that we should get people that know the genre to do the review, but it still requires people to be educated and know what they are buying. By using someone that better represents the "average" gamer, they will be more inclined to point out what makes the genre unique. I don't think points should be taken away for games the reviewer feels are niche games, but it does provide average gamers a more accurate picture of the game when these things are pointed out.

I honestly miss the days where reviewers were more unbiased and could also point out the things they seen when reviewing a game. The internet and the mob mentality it seems to breed combined with fan based reviews killed what little integrity game journalism had.

The bottom line is Bloodborne has reviewed extremely well. Nit picking the small handful of reviews that were less than excited about the game is a waste of resources. If you were unhappy with this particular review and think the person doing the review is not qualified to have an opinion, ignore it and find a review that you better agree with. Reviews are just one of the tools we have when deciding to make a purchase. We have plenty of reviews we can look at to help make an informed decision.

slinky1234561203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

If you get people that know nothing about the genre or what the game is supposed to be like, it's gonna be WAY WAY WAY more biased. How do you argue someone that knows about the genre of games is gonna be more biased than someone who knows nothing about it. It's like taking someone who doesn't play games at all and telling them to give it a fair review.

And I said nothing about using reviews as a purchase reason.

Death1203d ago

I feel like we are running in circle here. I think it's a great game, you think it's a great game and reviewers overwhelmingly think it's a great game. What exactly is your argument? Are you claiming this is the first game that is for everyone or are you saying Bloodborne is a new genre that no one understands? It feels like a third person action RPG to me which is a bit of a hybrid on it's own but not exactly something we've never seen. This particular reviewer believes the sometimes frustrating difficulty makes it so the game isn't for everyone. They then go on to say location and area design contribute to the game not feeling fun to them. It's an opinion of the reviewer. How do you really say their opinion is wrong? I get that you don't share their opinion, but that doesn't make them wrong.

Let's go back to the first question, does this mean they are unfit to form an opinion or make a review? Maybe we could restart this debate after you actually read the article.

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Septic1203d ago

What genre is that? If he hasn't played the Souls games is he precluded from reviewing the game? BB is a very niche game.

TheJacksonRGN1203d ago

Did you even watch? He gave it a 4/5. The woman's score lowered the overall.

Septic1203d ago


I'm replying to the chap above and his point about getting 'better reviewers'.

Death1203d ago

The Souls games have traditionally been niche titles. Bloodborne seems to be expanding on this nicely. When does a niche game stop being a niche game and become mainstream? Excellent reviews and a pretty strong thirst for triple A games are giving Bloodborne a very nice boost in not only sales, but also brand recognition.

starchild1203d ago

I agree. I don't think getting fans of a series, or even fans of a genre, to do all of the reviews for a game is going to give an accurate view of the game for most people.

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Tiqila1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

no black overweight female protagonist and no gay marriage... certainly a step backwards regarding game design.

PaleMoonDeath1203d ago

Exposing the casuals one by one, BloodBorne style.

Master-H1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I like how the "This game won't appeal to everybody" approach, which is used to lower the score, is only taken with Bloodborne and not every other game.

Soccer/Football games aren't for everyone, do their review scores get dropped down like Bloodborne just because they don't appeal to everyone ? of course not.

The double standards when it comes to game reviews are ridiculous. No consistency whatsoever. It seems they only address certain critiques to certain games, as if they're holding them to a different standards than other games.

Death1203d ago

"I like how the "This game won't appeal to everybody" approach, which is used to lower the score, is only taken with Bloodborne and not every other game"

Currently a 92 on Metacritic. I would hardly say I see a double standard here. We are seeing the occasional reviewer lower their score because they simply don't like this type of game, but overall reviews have been great. Sales are a completely different story. The game may not appeal to everyone. I think it's a mistake to not try it before saying it isn't for you though.

MRMagoo1231203d ago

I think you missed his point though, they say its not for everyone so mark it down, yet sport games arent for everyone but no marking down for that, no game is for everyone so therefore every game should have its score lowered for that same reason. I really dont care what it scores myself but I agree with his point.

Death1203d ago

You are comparing Sports games which aren't for everyone yet have a mass market following to a traditionally niche game that has a much smaller fan base. How much of a mark down are we seeing for a game that has a 92 to date? Reviewers may be saying the game isn't for everyone, but the review scores do not reflect it. With the trashing games have been getting, 92 says a lot about the game. I think we can all agree Bloodborne deserves a spin in our Blu-ray drives so we can try ourselves.

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