The Order: 1886 Blackwater Edition falls to £39.99

Dealspwn writes: You can currently get a standard copy of Bloodborne for £27.99, but if you fancy some extra merchandise and love the special editions, you can now buy The Order: 1886 Blackwater Special Edition for £39.99.

It's £20 saving on a seriously gorgeous collection in terms of physical merch, containing art cards, patches and a replica Knight’s vial pendant all in a luxury box. However, you should definitely consult Brendan's review before buying this somewhat short and unambitious graphical tech demo.

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Blues Cowboy1175d ago

That's some handsome looking merch.

Probably take longer playing with all the bumf than the game lasts, too. Value!

Minute Man 7211175d ago

My premium version arrived today. This is the kind of game that I like. I'm on chapter 4 and loving it so far