Sony discusses Batman Arkham Knight custom audio mode support for PlayStation headsets and more

Sony's Mia Putrino discusses the potential support of a Batman Arkham Knight custom audio mode for PlayStation headsets, a possible PS4 firmware feature and more.

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AstroCyborg1208d ago

no thanks i'll just stick to my astro a40's when i get the game

JMaine5181208d ago

I love the support of different audio modes for the headsets. The Bloodbonre mode makes the game so much more creepier.

rdgneoz31207d ago

The baby crying with the headset on...

UKmilitia1207d ago

didnt even know there was a bloodborne one,will downlaod it later.
love my gold headset for £30 compared to the astros at 8 times price.

GiggMan1207d ago

I had the Golds but my 1year old broke them.

My wife bought me the Astro a50's and I instantly fell in love with them. I still miss my Gold custom presets though.

Speak_da_Truth1208d ago

I hope they release one for the Pulse Elite.

LackTrue4K1208d ago

they are made for the Pulse Elite/Gold headsets....Sony/developer has always made the custom audio mode for there games.

and what is up with spelling??? and all headsets are "not" wireless.
(from article)
"PllayStation Siler Wired, PlayStation Gold Wireless and PlayStation Pulse Elite Edition Wireless headset"

Speak_da_Truth1207d ago

They still don't have the Driveclub audio available for the Pulse Elite.

Jaqen_Hghar1208d ago

A man hopes this isn't April Fools

Maxor1207d ago

The audio modes are nice but Sony should release a high tier model than the Gold. I need better sound quality and more robust features. For example my Logitech PC headsets will dynamically detect which game I'm playing and will load the corresponding audio settings for each game. Thats how it should be!

For the Gold I must manually switch from the Far Cry, to Second Sons, then back to Bloodborne. It's a pain in the ass to do manually. For example I spent 2 months gaming with the Destiny presets simply because I couldn't be bothered.

UKmilitia1207d ago

totally agree if they have got such quality into a pair of in the uk £85 headphons iwould happliy pay about £150 for a premium model with mulipule settings and true 5.1

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