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Nikki P. of Gamer Assault Weekly calls Bloodborne "the PlayStation 4's first great exclusive." Read more from her review.

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Edgetroll1055d ago

I love this game but it's such a challenge having to adjust my playstyle. One of my favorite classes in Demon/Dark Souls' was shield based, so I'm having to adjust my approach to the game. Despite that, I'm loving the overall atmosphere

S2Killinit1055d ago

Its a masterpiece. A gem for gamers.

ninsigma1055d ago

Imo, I think if someone is on the edge about this game, just take the plunge. If you're considering it then you definitely have enough interest to warrant jumping in, even if it's to rent. I wasn't going to get this game because of its souls esque esque nature (which I played once and didn't like) but the atmosphere was really interesting and the gameplay looked really fun. So after watching a few streams I said screw it and got it day one. I can only say that I am obsessed. It's so good. By far one of the greats this gen.