Bloodborne Despite Its Critical Success Falls Behind Hardline Due To Its Genre

Bloodborne fails to be the top selling game for March, this is not a failure of the game but of the gaming community. The gaming community has proved via sales figures that it appreciates rehashed games rather than well crafted new IP's

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corroios1023d ago

Two games for very diferent crowds. There many gamers that are like sheeps, they buy games because of the label and not what the game brings.

Thats why games that come out year after year, after year keep selling high even if they are broken, need gigas of patches, dont bring nothing new, have copy/paste graphics, dlc day one and so on.

osu22duke1023d ago

Buy games for only the label? People buy yearly games like BF, FIFA, AC, and CoD because they're fun. While I agree with you that the way sequels are done nowadays is a total money grab, they keep selling because people want to play them. I don't play CoD anymore but I can tell you that it is one of the easiest games to just sit down, join up with your friends, and play; whether you have 30 minutes or 3 hours. I may be one of the "sheep" you're referencing, but it doesn't mean I enjoy my games any less than you do.

360ICE1023d ago

People don't buy AC, FIFA and BF more than other games because they're more fun. Brand awareness is obviously in play.

That being said, if people enjoy them that's the most important thing.

PraxxtorCruel1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

The only thing that stopped me from purchasing this game is the difficulty. I love games and have been gaming since the 90s but I just don't see any satisfaction from a game that prides itself on its frustrating difficulty. Just not my type of game. Had there been optional difficulty levels I'd have a copy of the game sat next to me. From Software knew who their game was going to be catered for...I don't think they ever planned to design it in a way so that it would attract larger audience. They wanted to get it right for the 'core' group, which they did and which is understandable.

DanteVFenris6661023d ago

@prax but the game isn't really difficult. So far every boss I've beaten in 1 or 2 tries and when I do die I think it is fair and me being stupid instead of the game. Example one of the last bosses in the first city zone you face a giant were wolf type boss. At first I got stomped. But second try I paid more attention that one of its hands it was holding something and no matter what that hand wouldn't perform the fierce attacks as the other. So what did I do? I attacked the side that was holding something after dodging his other hands sweep. That alone owned him and the boss loss all challenge.

Gority1023d ago


I'd still pick it up if you get the chance, or at least wait until you can get it on sale. I never played Dark Souls or Dark Souls 2 and I still took to this pretty quick. The hardest part of the game is up until the first boss and after that you get things figured out fairly well. Hell, even rent it to see if you'd like it. This is just one of those games you don't want to miss out on, on the chance you could love it as much as everyone else.

nX1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Kinda flawed logic at work here.
First of all you can't compare multiplatform numbers with PS4-only numbers. Then it's not so easy to compare sales in general as you'll never know how many digital copies were sold.
For example take a look at the Playstation Store, Bloodborne has 7500 ratings there while Battlefield only has 2800...

And last but not least Battlefield is a huge multi-billion dollar franchise while Bloodborne is a completely new IP from a japanese developer, how could you even think that the sales potential might come close to that? I can tell you that in Japan, Bloodborne will outsell Battlefield by a lot... but in the west? Nahh, too many filthy casuls 'round here.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1023d ago

I personally never expected a spiritual successor of Dark Souls to be a huge system seller or anything like that.

Dark Souls has never really been for the mainstream.

That being said, I still expect it to be very succesful and # 2 in the charts for a game on just one console is not bad at all.

FITgamer1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Hardline is part of well established franchise and is also available on 5 platforms. While Bloodborne is a new IP, available on a single platform. I'd say Bloodborne sales are more impressive than Hardlines'.

Azzanation1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

Your in for it now. You mentioned something good about CoD, incoming a lot of hate. Funny that there are posters out there that hate CoD yet its one of the PS4s top selling titles... interesting.

Doesn't help Sony for keeping it only exclusive to PS4, this is why MS are smart, they share with the PC community which doesn't effect Console sales. All this does is hurt the developer especially a niche market like the Souls games.

Just look at the Sales figures of Halo 1 and Halo 2 on Xbox and compare them to the PC versions, also compare the sales of Titanfall on X1 to the PC version. The consoles sell tons more, the PC is a good added bonus for the company.

I will get disagrees with this, I have stated facts not theories so if you care to disagree at least put in a valid point.

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shloobmm31023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

And people who buy games like bloodborne because of the label that is From Software attached to it. Whats your point?

I would rather have copy and past graphics then severe graphics downgrades like Dark Souls 2 recieved.

LOGICWINS1023d ago

You know what the funny thing is? If Bloodborne was a multiplatform game created by a studio OTHER than From Software, it would be bashed on N4G for being a ripoff lol.

The fact that the "From Software" label is on the box led to more pre-orders of Bloodborne than if it was made from an unknown studio. Guess that means everyone who pre-ordered Bloodborne given From Software's track record are "sheeps" according to corroios.

joab7771023d ago

So, it fell behind on PS4 or total?

And the thing is that Battlefield is a well know IP. I was talking to ppl at work that play alot of video games but don't read n4g. They all have PS4's. Two played the Order, ones playing Destiny. All 3 of them are getting or got Battlefield, and 1 thinks he heard of Bloodborne before.

I told him how great it is and he said he'd check it out if he can, maybe rent it. I said, it's a game that you buy.

I just found that funny.

Mikey322301023d ago

I believe bloodborne will have a slow burn effect in terms of sales. Yes, it is not as mainstream a genre, but word of mouth, great reviews, and the summer game drought that typically occurs, I think this will sell consistently well through its life (month to month)

Cuzzo631023d ago

Not only that but, It's a hardline commercial on every other commercial break. Hardline ads on every website. It's just better advertising and BB is a new IP.

TransientDreamer1023d ago

Or maybe people like what they like, and maybe you should simply accept that.

LOGICWINS1023d ago

"There many gamers that are like sheeps, they buy games because of the label and not what the game brings."

Can't you say the same thing about people who claim any game that comes out of Guerilla Games/Naughty Dog will be a masterpiece even though they haven't played it yet?

Killzone: Shadowfall arguably had the worst campaign in the main series history, despite KZ2 being the best FPS of last gen IMO.

Btw, go check the PS Store and see how much DLC Uncharted 3 has. Is everyone who bought that game a sheep for not getting a "complete" product?

WellyUK1023d ago

People like those games... Why can't you people just deal with that? they are the most played/brought games for a reason... People know exactly what they are getting. Yes they may not be the best games ever but they have replay value which a lot of the big rated games don't have.

Bloodborne however is amazing.

Sevir1023d ago

Lol. Bloodborne is released on a single platform and only had 8/9 days of sales depending on where it launch in the world. BF:Hardline is a game in a popular brand in an over saturated genre dominated by its name and COD. It launched on 5 platforms and had almost half a month worth of sales... Different market different games multiplatform - single platform game. Apple's or oranges.


d0x3601023d ago

Bloodborne is part of a niche genre that will never have mainstream success because of its difficulty and no amount of positive press will ever change that in fact the constant barrage of "its so hard and I love it" are exactly why they don't sell huge numbers. It was an odd choice for Sony to lock down, definitely not worth the money. That said I bought my copy day 1.

NuggetsOfGod1022d ago

My friend bouggt hardline over bloodborn.

He said he would only want bloodborn free but paid $60 for hardline.

That was the dumbest thing I have heard . Or seen all last month.

Didn't say anything about it though.

Turds at #1 sales as usual.

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Thatguy-3101023d ago

I'm curious to know what list is this? Is it an accumulated one from all platforms or is it broken down?

SmokingMonkey1023d ago


80 mill+ XB360,
81 mill+ PS3,
10 mill+ Xone
20 mill+ PS4


20 mill+ PS4

But like you said, did they compare sales (lol) from just the PS4 version's?

MysticStrummer1023d ago

Who ever expected Bloodborne to outsell Hardline?

"...this is not a failure of the game but of the gaming community."

No it isn't. The more accessible game in a more popular genre outsold the less accessible game from a series that intimidates a lot of people.

hangdang1023d ago

Exactly. The market sets itself. It isn't a failure of a community. The author might want Bloodborne to be more popular, but that doesn't mean there's a failure if it isn't.

ion6661023d ago

When BloodBourne gets you. Your hooked, very addictive. You go from mere mortal to a rap god. Love it.

kraenk121023d ago

not even talking about the fact it's 5 platforms against one and more than an additional week on the market. ridiculous comparison

Nyxus1023d ago

Battlefield is a very popular, well known IP, it has a broader mainstream appeal and its multiplatform.

Tapani1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Once you played 500hrs of BB then you can say what is what. If not, then shut the f up.

Hey, that rhymes!

*looking in the crystal ball while being drunk* It shows that BB sold over 2m copies in the first three months! Nice!

MysticStrummer1023d ago

Bloodborne has been out for three months?

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