Microsoft to Buy Sega; Close Mojang; Sega to Produce Sonicraft [April Fools]

In what appears to be THE most stunning move in video game history: Microsoft have acquired Sega Corporation as their newest entity in what is being said to be worth upwards of Fifteen BILLION dollars.

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georgenancy1053d ago

some of these april fool's jokes are so lame.I wish they actually tried.

Marcello1053d ago

Yea right ! & i have Hideo Kojima hiding in my fruit cellar !!

MasterCornholio1052d ago

Ah so he's a fruit ninja.

How very interesting.

Captain_Wormy1052d ago

Nintendo buys Naughty Dogs. Lel.

KryptoniteTail1052d ago

It's past midnight, don't f****** scare me.