Nintendo Joins the Remaster Crowd with Superman: Remastered [April Fools]

SATIRE--Happy Pointless News Day!
Ryan Johnson | The Goofer's Lounge

SuperFans rejoice! Your beloved game has returned! In an exclusive interview with The Goofer's Lounge, Reggie Fils-Aime sits down and discusses Nintendo's plan to jump into the "what's old is new" fray even further than before.

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SteamPowered1021d ago

I dont think there was a gamer alive that wanted the Superman game to succeed more than myself. The flying controls were an abortion! Thinking back on it, I dont know how this game ever made it onto the shelf. It was a horrble, buggy, mess.
Kudos for putting "Satire" and "Happy Pointless News Day" right at the top.

Khajiit861021d ago

I wish we had a Superman game equal to Arkham games. Dream come true that would be.

RyanDJ1021d ago

Unfortunately, I think the character is a bit cursed. I mean, when you're nigh-invulnerable where nothing can hurt you, it's hard to make a game where there are consequences. It reminds me of the lamer parts of the open-world Spider-Man game, where you are saving people falling off of buildings, catching muggers, or delivering pizzas (ugh, that part). It'd take an amazing developer to nail that stuff without a) being boring or b) making you want to go off onto the chaotic side and do damage to the world against the Superman ethos.

SteamPowered1021d ago

@RyanDJ Dont forget the Death of Superman for SNES. It was probably the best Superman stand-alone game yet.

loganbdh1021d ago

Superman open world sounds Kool but captain america open world sounds even better.

LackTrue4K1021d ago

About time!! Pre-order day one with all the DLC's!

MasterCornholio1021d ago

Can't wait to fly through those 1080P rings!!!!

Minute Man 7211021d ago

The worst game I have ever played LOL

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