5 Things Xbox Gave Us That No One Else Could

Over the past few days I have been thinking, what are the best things Xbox have given the world? So I set about the quest to find a Top 5 things that changed the way we game thanks to Microsoft’s little green box.

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breakpad1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

why not say 4 things that none wanted and are destroying gaming: DLCs , Subscriptions , Yearly releases of garbage game IP (COD,AssCr),oversimplification of games for wide access from under-age people ...and they just missed the opportunity to impose on us DRM and 24/7 surveillance

Septic1083d ago

"Yearly releases of garbage game IP (COD,AssCr)"

Lol right...because Xbox is responsible for THIRD PARTY titles.

"oversimplification of games for wide access from under-age people"

Lmao what.

You forgot to add ebola to the list of things xbox is responsible for. Oh and add habitual trolls to the list.

TheCommentator1083d ago

Sony fanboys gave us the trolls. They were around before XBOX, but continue to spread like a virus and destroy everything they come in contact with.

gangsta_red1083d ago

"You forgot to add ebola to the list of things xbox is responsible for."

Hilarious! +bubbs Septic.

I'm scared that someone would actually think MS would be responsible for the things breakpad listed.

aagerrity1083d ago

You forgot day one patches ;) I might do that next week haha

christocolus1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Assasins creed and COD? Lmao. Is this a joke or a lame attempt at trolling?


“You forgot to add ebola to the list of things xbox is
responsible for. Oh and add habitual trolls to the list.”


Moldiver1083d ago

"You forgot to add ebola to the list of things xbox is responsible for. Oh and add habitual trolls to the list."

Haha! bubs to septic for this one. Had me rolling in my seat. Nothing attracts trolls more than an xbox one. a certain fanboy group shows an unhealthy amount of interest in X1. Just get over yourselves and by one. The games are so good, it has a way of making you forget that there is more powerful hardware. And none of those more powerful hardwares will be playing halo forza, gears etc... soooooo.

Kingthrash3601083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Above. ..i don't think that xbox attracts more trolls than anyone else is accurate.
Good and bad news About ps4 or xbox attracts trolls on a equal just xbox generates more news than any other console, good or bad. Dx12. Cloud. Drm. Esram. 720p vs 1080p. 792p. 900p. Ms selling xbox. Ms keeping xbox. Phil said this or that. I can go on...i can list ps4 things too but this generation xbox has had much more news than any console generation I've seen.

Neo_Zeed1083d ago ShowReplies(2)
kraenk121083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

It's definitely responsible for the dude-bro-ification of gaming although that's mainly the U.S.'s education system's fault

rainslacker1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

The two big dude bro shooters, GeOW and Halo, would have been made with or without the Xbox brand. They were thought of outside of MS intervention. MS had nothing to do with COD which is the 3rd big one. Since Xbox had 2 of the big 3 exclusively, it just happened to become associated with that eventual trend in gaming.

So the reality is that dude-bro-ification probably would have happened anyways as gaming went from a nerdy subculture, into more mainstream thing that boys wanted to be a part of, and now it's moving into a more mainstream past time where everyone can play no matter their social affiliation.

RiPPn1083d ago

I love that they created a unified achievement system that Sony copied, to this day only Microsoft and Sony get it right.

Septic1083d ago

I prefer Sony's trophy system but yes, kudos to MS for coming up with an ingenious unified system.

Kryptonite42O1083d ago

The one thing that I like about the trophy system more than the achievements, is that Sony tells you how rare each specific trophy is. That's a cool feature.

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ninsigma1083d ago

Ps4 can do the smart glass thing too...but maybe xbox has more features for it?? Haven't used it too much or compared them.
The guide sounds pretty cool.
for me, the 360 controller was the best xbox controller. The new one gets uncomfortable quite quickly and not as responsive as I'd like.
Achievements were a cool idea that extends replayability. I'm glad Sony took note of this one as the trophy system is really good too.

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