Hideo Kojima Joins Naughty Dog [April Fools]

After the shocking news last month that Hideo Kojima was to leave Konami, it appears that the legendary Metal Gear Solid director has found a new home with fellow creatives over at legendary Santa Monica-based studio Naughty Dog.

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xHeavYx1206d ago

Even if it's a joke, Kojima joining ND would be great. Having Sony's liberty to do whatever he wants and have the ND talent behind him? Doesn't get any better.

Jalva1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )


"Having Sony's liberty to do whatever he wants"

Except owning the rights to his creations, big cuddly Sony isn't as friendly as you think.

Did you know that From Software originally wanted to develop Demon's Souls 2 but Sony wouldn't let them because they thought Demon's Souls was 'crap'?

Although as a result they instead created Dark Souls which became an instant hit and Sony later admitted they regretted their decision, thanks to From Software's perseverance we now have a franchise with one of the most dedicated fanbases in gaming.

Sony also wouldn't let Insomniac release Sunset Overdrive on PS4 unless they owned the rights to the IP, Insomniac had obviously had enough of Sony's monopolistic business policies and sided with Microsoft instead, who let them own the rights to their own creation.

Such liberty...

masterfox1206d ago

nice!, now they need to put Hayter in Uncharted!! (MINDBLOWN!!!)

miyamoto1206d ago

They look like a happy bunch up there! The best of the best!

goldwyncq1206d ago

What's the point of this if you're going to put [April Fools] in the title?

Christopher1206d ago

We're not in the job of tricking people, only sharing news. Doesn't change the joke, only prevents people from posting "This isn't real, is it???" and the like.

It also doesn't detract from real news through inflated heat.

creeping judas1206d ago

But it's surprising how many people don't read up to the [April Fools] tag, and make actual comments?

Christopher1206d ago

@creeping judas: No kidding.... I've seen tons of people overreact to one item or another. Even completely obvious April Fools items.

Timesplitter141206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Video game news aren't THAT important. Who cares if some crybaby was fooled by a joke article and couldn't stomach it? It's not like learning where Kojima heads next will profoundly affect anyone's life.

What the hell, N4G?

Christopher1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

If video game news isn't that important, then why is it so important that we not label April Fools items?

TFJWM1206d ago

But the comments are so much better without the April Fools tag =\

goldwyncq1206d ago

That's like the equivalent of explaining a joke before you even tell it.

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Jedislayer1206d ago

Don'tease me like that!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.