The Crew dips under £20 on PS4/XO. Worth a look?

Dealspwn writes: For those of you waiting for The Crew to go under £20 before giving it a shot, now is the time. £19.99 will get you a brand new copy on both PS4 and Xbox One, saving you nearly £5 compared to the next best deal. Project Cars is still some time away, so it's getting hard to resist The Crew's tempting offers of an open-world US setting and rich selection of motors. Hell, it's worth it to see Ubisoft cram in Assassin's Creed tower syncing into yet another game series.


We've also added a deal for preowned copies on both formats for £16.99.

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roguedragon11173d ago

For a second I thought this was the digital version then I woke up!

Blues Cowboy1173d ago

Yeah, good price for physical. Enjoyed the demo.

blackout1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

In all honesty THE CREW is trash. If you've played DC or FH2 then that is all you need. And if that's not enough then Project Cars is on it's way.

KiwiViper851173d ago

Yep, forced my way through 8 hours, sold it the next day, and went back to FH2

Gamer19821173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

shame as it had the potential to be a massive open world burnout type game just held back by UBISOFT in a horrible year for them. I feel a sequel could fix all the issues and finally make them a game worth buying.