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"The beautiful art style, the gorgeous colours and heart-rending musical score had many hooked right from the start. Indie developers, Moon Studios had us all gripped and invested in what they had shown off and all that was left to prove was that the beauty in their platformer wasn’t just skin-deep. Did they do that?"

Gameondaily review Ori and the Blond Forest

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Senor_Spidey931d ago

Decent review, yeah when I played it the trial and error stuff gets a bit annoying. Overall though I would give it a 9/10 on my criteria.

Septic931d ago

Yeah particularly in the sections where you have to escape from stuff, it got annoying.

There's an achievement for completing the game without dying. How anyone can do that is beyond me!

TankCrossing930d ago

Wiping your own nose is beyond you though, you're just terrible at games.

I said nose cos I'm feeling polite.

StrayaKNT930d ago

Good review I loved ori it has become one of my favourite games of all time 10/10 for me

Volkama930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Decent review. I Haven't got that far into Ori to say I agree with it, but I'll probably push on to see what the fuss is about.

I don't think they should have shown the fat thing dying during the initial reveal trailers though. It meant the scene had no real impact at the start of the game, as you knew full well it was building up to it.

Septic930d ago

I actually didn't notice the fat thing dying in the trailer so when it happened I was confuzzled. But yeah, they definitely shouldn't have shown that off.

Once you get a little deeper in the game and obtain some new abilities, the game really shines through.

The-Marb930d ago

Not usually a fan of this sort of game but looks like a fun title. I am tempted