Konami scrubs Kojima's name from Zone of the Enders HD website

Hideo Kojima's name has been removed from the Zone of the Enders HD Collection page on Konami's website.

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showtimefolks1022d ago

seriously konami let this man go, its not like he has basically kept you relevant

Kojima please come to sony and work on awesome games

Khajiit861022d ago

I am going to LOL so hard if this is all 1 big April fools joke.

rdgneoz31022d ago

Removing him from Phantom Pain's stuff is what started the rumor mill. The other day (March 31st) people found that they removed his name from the Silent Hill stuff. Why would removing him from ZoE today be the big joke or make this whole thing a joke weeks in the making?

Konami probably wants him gone but are keeping him around because they know they can't sell Phantom Pain as well if he leaves, fans will be even pissed than they already are.

Palitera1022d ago

They scheduled an announcement for today. It IS April's fool.

turdburgler10801022d ago

Somebody's butt must hurt super bad to erase him from basically everything.

deadpoolio3161022d ago

UGH will you people kindly get the hell over it, its not a troll, its not an April fools joke(Japan doesn't do April fools)..There is some sort of a spat going on between Konami and Kojima, HE'S LEAVING

Khajiit861022d ago


Why so serious? Who cares?

TFJWM1022d ago

If its an April Fools joke its the most idiotic one ever, Konami has lost about 2 points on their stock since this all started

NecotheSergal1022d ago

They've done the 'scrubbing' long before April 1st, its's merely gradually continued up until April 1st.....I'd not see a point in it since it's negatively smearing Konami's reputation to the hardcore gamers....

What's to gain in all of it -_-? It's not logical to presume it a marketing tactic or business strategy because no one is having fun, everyone's pissed - and there's no profit to be had or giggles.

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starrman19851022d ago

This guy made them! Pretty disrespectful to just scrub him off.. something big must have gone down, I can't see it being as simple as him just leaving!

Ethereal1022d ago

I really hope this is an elaborate April fools joke...

sashimi1022d ago

SquareEnix came into existence during april's fool....

Kurylo3d1022d ago

I have a feeling konami execs have a feeling of hurt pride and think that kojima is not the one that single handedly held up their entire company. Hate to tell them.. kojima is the only selling factor konami has. Without him ... well will let dollar signs and revenue tell the tale in the future after hes gone.

scark921022d ago

It goes on and on! What does the future hold..?!? :(

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The story is too old to be commented.