Baker On Hayter/Kiefer Controversy: "It's Going To Make Sense", Does This Mean Solid Snake Is Back?

Two years and counting, David Hayter's controversial replacement is still in the news.

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Ikki_Phoenix1174d ago

final battle..boss vs snake outer heaven

BudokaiGamer1174d ago

Didn't Snake and Big Boss fight on Zanzibarland though? I don't know if this game takes place on that island or not.

lsujester1174d ago

You actually fight him in both Outer Heaven and Zanzibarland, which is MG 1 and 2, respectively.

BudokaiGamer1174d ago


Oh! MG1& just MG1 counts. I thought they actually just nulled out Metal Gear 2 because it just wasn't what they wanted.

I could be wrong though.

assdan1174d ago

I've been guessing that since I first heard sutherland was voicing big boss. It's quickly becoming evident that this is Kojima's last MGS game, and I'm guessing he's going to be leaving Konami after MGSV is finished. This is going to close the final between the two timelines. And knowing Kojima, I'm sure he would think it's awesome to end the final game at the starting point of the series.

Hold_It1174d ago

You know what today is right? Take every article on this site with a huge grain of salt today.

Eyesoftheraven1174d ago

Something in Metal Gear is going to make sense? I must calm myself, it is April Fool's after all...

WizzroSupreme1174d ago

If Solid Snake is back, than I could only hope that it's Hayter coming back too. But they'd probably just have Sutherland do it as totally gone as Hayter is for the series.

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