There’s A Reason Why Kiefer Sutherland Is Big Boss In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Troy Baker (voice of Ocelot) revealed in a new interview that there is a reason why Kiefer Sutherland plays Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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WESKER2015869d ago

the reason is because david hayter wanted nothing to do with the phantom pain and konami thought getting a celeb in would make the game seem more movie like, but it has done the oppsite, phantom pain is an impostor, this is the truth

guns of the patriots will still be the best metal gear game ever made, phantom pain is like a no frills version, especially when having to cater to last generation as well, i have a feeling it will be a huge disappointment

ThanatosDMC869d ago

Meh, I preferred MGS3 Snake Eater over MGS4.

BiggerBoss869d ago

MGS3>MGS4 for me, although I still think 4 is the perfect ending to the story.

However, Metal Gear Solid V looks to better in every way. Open World, Great shooting mechanics, mother base building, Incredible graphics, MGO3, and not to mention, its focused on Big Boss;)

The Phantom Pain will be 10/10 for sure

cpayne93868d ago

Mgs 4 was one of the worst imo.

_-EDMIX-_868d ago

lol, no and no annnnnnnd no.

MGS3 easily the best MGS. Also...he isn't voiced by Hayter JUST LIKE Hayter didn't voice him in MGS4.

HE'S NOT BIG BOSS! Thus...why make him sound like big boss?

He is his clone, thus won't sound the same. Voice is dependent on where you grow up and your surroundings, not genes.

ie Why Solidus and Liquid sound different then Big boss or Snake.

I'm ok with someone voicing Big Boss because once again....he isn't Snake. He should not be voiced by Snake. Hell, if they remade MGS3 I would want him voiced as someone else.

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OrangePowerz869d ago (Edited 869d ago )

There is a very "good" reason. It's much better to market the game in the states when you have Sutherland in it compared to Hayter.

shaenoide869d ago

Big Boss wiil be playable only for the first half of the game (maybe less).

LonDonE869d ago

Yes and the big boss voiced by Sutherland is not the real big boss but a clone LOL or some faker later in the game we will see hayter return trust me i know about these things lol nah jus kidding man wouldn't be surprised though Kojima is the BOSS at mind screwing us fans of mgs!!

OrangePowerz868d ago

Interesting theory, but the Japanese voice actor is the same one that always voiced Snake.

Tankbusta40869d ago

I'm not a dedicated hayter fan or anything... I'm just so number to hearing Kiefer yell and scream... He did so much of that in 24 it's mind numbing

-Foxtrot868d ago

Sutherland voices him like there's no heart or soul going into he doesn't care. It's all about money for him.

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