The most obnoxious custom paint jobs in Forza

OXM staff:"Eating dust at the back of the racing pack while waiting to see more of Forza 6? What you need is the competitive edge that only an eye-searingly loud custom decal can provide. We risk blindness to bring you these…"

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BallsEye1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

One of the reasons why Forza is still the king.You can do basically anything there! Some of the photos are from 360 and still looks amazing. Forza horizon 2 + steering wheel! Daaamn!

Dasteru1151d ago

Forza has never been the king of anything other than paint jobs. GT is and always has been king of console sims.

mhunterjr1151d ago

GT hasn't been to great lately... Its the king of having a ton of cars, most of which use identical models... And some of the assets are recycled from the ps2 era. That's pretty gross...

Also GT's AI is terrible compared to Forza.

Dasteru1151d ago

GT AI horrible compared to Forza? Maybe GT6 vs Forza 5, i haven't played Forza 5 yet so i cannot say but as far as older titles are concerned, all i can say is ROFL.

spicelicka1151d ago

LOL Forza has been the racing kind for many years now. Forza horizon 2 is considered one of the best racing games ever made! And these aren't just my words, go read the reviews, these words have been used over and over...and for good reason.

Svinya1151d ago

GT is king of horrible sound and terrible AI.

Dasteru1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )


GT may have bad sound but is has much better AI than Forza, as already proven in the video i linked. The physics are also vastly superior which is the most important thing for a sim. All the disagrees with my last post despite video evidence. The stupidity of fanboys on this site is incredible.

More proof:

And more:

And more:

All directly on the driving line. Yet people still disagreeing. I swear the average IQ of N4Gtards cannot possibly be above 80.

poppinslops1151d ago

Your 'proof' is ancient... stop living in the past and check out Forza 5 or Forza Horizon 2 (the best racing game ever made).

Drivatars from the cloud!
They might even be smarter than you.

Dasteru1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )


My proof is only 1 game old. Are you 12? The argument has been about GT vs Forza in general, not just GT6 vs Forza 5, to which i already admitted i did not know about since i have not played Forza 5 yet. GT in the past though has always had far better AI than Forza. Both are undeniably bad but GTs has been better. Past Forza games hardly even had AI. All the cars were on pre-defined driving lines and speeds and would never even try to deviate from it.

For the record, i own and have played to completion every past Forza game (except horizon) and every GT game. GT does have its moments of questionable AI, iv been pitted at high speed on a straight by other cars in GT6 a couple times. But past Forza games have been absolutely laughable.

I would hope Forza 5 has better AI than GT6 though given the fact it is on current gen hardware and has far more processing power available for AI. Lets wait til GT7 releases and see how that compares.

u4one1151d ago

that stopped being the case since at least gt4

Moldiver1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )


If you have to ask why you are getting disagrees, in regards to Forza AI VS GT AI, then its you that is the idiot.

"All directly on the driving line."

Thats because its preset. The cars in GT only drive on the racing line. They dont really react to much. In real racing (I am a REAL motorsport fan since I was knee high) drivers dont all stick to the line especially when overtaking. paint gets traded. Bumpers get knocked loose. Cars spin out. GTs cars dont even have random accidents on track, which makes them less than human. GTs cars just drive in a high speed convoy. You as the player are the only one on the track who drives like a human. GT driver AI is drone-like, compared to Forza's drivatars. Your vid of them driving past a stationary car proves nothing in GTs case. Show us a vid of GTs AI cars battling each other or the player like a human being, then you can talk.

"All the cars were on pre-defined driving lines and speeds and would never even try to deviate from it.2

But wait? You just described GTs AI. yes once upon a time Forza had AI as bad as GT, But that hasnt been the case in a looooong time. Seriously...go race a few drivatars and keep your stomach empty for the crow that you will undoubtedly eat.

3-4-51151d ago

uhhh Dasteru, Forza has taken the lead in racing since Forza 2.

GT hopefully gives it good competition to push both series.

Volkama1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

@Dasteru Those videos are stupid. When you are playing Forza or Gran Turismo you don't typically sit idle in the middle of the track. You race. Do you want your AI to feel good to race against, or to react well to stupidity?

Enough people have played both games to be able to validate that on the previous gen Forza had better AI than GT. There is also sound technical reasoning for it, since the cell CPU never leant itself well to AI.

Polyphony are talented and passionate, so when they release GT7 hopefully they will take our breath away with advanced AI and damage (and getting rid of all those PS2 models). But their PS3 games had pretty bad AI.

ChronoJoe1151d ago

Ignore them Dasteru, I think your fighting a losing battle here.

At the end of the day, Gran Turismo still significantly outdoes Forza's sales figures, and holds a much larger fanbase. I agree there are aspects that Forza does better, but GT remains a better title in regards to the components that really define a racing sim (physics, handling, AI, track accuracy, vehicle performance accuracy).

Also I'm not certain why people bring Forza Horizon into this comparison, it's entirely arcady, and makes it clear that Forza indeed caters to a very different audience than GT. GT sits alongside hardcore racing simulators like Project Cars.

Dasteru1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )


Watch the videos before replying. I wasn't talking about the AI staying on the line, i was talking about the blockade. There was a car stopped right on the driving line on the exit of a sharp turn and all the AI cars in GT were slowing down and going around. All the cars in Forza were ramming right into it at full speed, piling up as if they didn't even know anything was wrong. I cannot believe there are so many retards on this site. Someone needs to open voting for the human euthanasia program.

As far as GTs AI never having random accidents, that is complete bull. They constantly bump into me going around sharp turns or even on straights when they go over an uneven section of track. As i already said i have even been pitted at high speed down a straight in GT6. (have in GT5 also). They just aren't completely blind and unaware of the player car like in past Forza games. Yes GT 5/6 AI does follow the driving lines for the most part, but they can and will deviate from it to avoid an obvious upcoming collision. Forza 4s AI didn't even know the player existed. And how many times do i have to repeat myself about Forza 5? I HAVE NOT PLAYED IT, THIS COMPARISON ISN'T ABOUT FORZA 5 OR ITS DRIVEATARS. THIS IS COMPARING GT TO PAST FORZA GAMES (Primarily Forza 4).


You are missing the point. It is a test to see how the AI reacts to the player car. If they cannot avoid a stopped car in a clearly visible position, how are they expected to do in an actual ongoing race? It is a completely valid AI test. As i previously stated, i own and have completed all the past Forza games, i know exactly what the AI is like in both Forza and GT. It has been proven time after time that the past Forza games AI cars were literally not even aware of the players existance. In regards to Cell, you might want to check your facts there also. AI and physics handling were Cells two strongest functions.

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LackTrue4K1151d ago

"you can do basically anything there"

but pull big sales! lol...

wakeNbake1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

I have a border patrol dodge ram and well... lets just say I get rammed off the road alot.

ravens521151d ago

I'd put driveclub 2nd it's fun a realistic not a lot of customization but it just feels like a real car except no motion. Anyway to each his own. Agree with Gran Turismo being first tho. :)

Moldiver1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

"it's fun a realistic not a lot of customization but it just feels like a real car except no motion."

lol.. You clearly have never driven a car if you think DC has anything like realistic handling. What is with PS fans coming into every xbox article with their "me too" bullshit? Cant you save that for a DC thread or a GT thread? Nobody in this thread cares about DC or GT. In fact the majority of people in this thread are not even interested in a PS4...Because its an xbox thread about an xbox game. Is is REALLY that hard for you guys to just enjoy your PS4s? Is pestering xbox guys about PS games, they are not intersted in more fun to you, than bloodborne? Its again I ask..Why do you guys feel the need to comment in an article about a game on a console you dont even own. is some of my cars from forza 5. I cant paint the monalisa on my hoods..but I am no slouch with the custom liveries.. Dont expect any of your cars in DC or GT to look as cool as these...





ScorpiusX1151d ago

I second that notion BallsEye.

TheCommentator1151d ago

I like to paint in Forza... Oh wait. Am I in the wrong thread? This looks like another troll battle.

Okay then, Forza is better! Sorry I was off topic.

2cents1150d ago

lol, brain fart.

Forza custom paint jobs are ace!