Nintendo Direct Announcement Predictions For Today

AOTF Writes: "With so many questions about upcoming releases, yesterday’s news that Nintendo was finally holding their next Direct today was very welcome. It almost seems like Nintendo skipped the month of March to hold their latest Direct on April 1st, but this is definitely going to be no joke.

With the Direct coming later today, I thought I would once again take the opportunity to predict some of the announcements or topics we will see in it."

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Coachkeys1027d ago

Mewtwo dlc, animal crossing dlc for mario kart, 50 3ds games, starfox tease, Splatoon x3...

but I'd love to see devils third and some new titles among that. Please don't disappoint Nintendo!

Coachkeys1027d ago

I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of Nintendo April fools jokes today... I'm gonna get trolled at least once today. Bah!

WizzroSupreme1027d ago

Eh, it'll just be an hour of Splatoon, haha.

LOL_WUT1027d ago

Im more excited to see what Retro has been working on hopefully theres some sort of announcement ;)

As for Splatoon it looks like Nintendo stole the idea off this game

Coachkeys1027d ago

It doesn't matter who created the idea. It's who perfects it. World of Warcraft wasn't the first MMO.. Gta wasn't the first sandbox game.

Concertoine1027d ago

You would watch Blackb0nd.

Blackb0nd is the biggest troll alive. And it sucks because he brings up legitimate points on occasion only to dwarf them with the sheer amount of BS he says. Kinda like you