Here Is Your First Look at Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China

YouTube’s ‘Centerstrain01′ has released a 11-minute video showcasing Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China.

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NuggetsOfGod1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

I rather a full fledged ninja game not made by Ustinksoft.

JWiLL5521119d ago

So far all games using the UbiArt engine have been great.

I understand their big AAA titles have become stale, but Ubisoft isn't THAT bad of a company.

Phoenix761119d ago

kinda like counter spy with its 2.5D perspective. Hopefully a PSV version also gets announced as that would be sweet.

Khajiit861119d ago

First thing to hope for is that its good.

Spenok1119d ago

Yeah this looks pretty good. Definitely looking forward to it. Vita would be an ideal way to play it too.

Phoenix761119d ago

@the disagrees. I guess you don't want to see continued support for the PS Vita.

Grown Folks Talk1119d ago

Seems like it could be a solid platformer.

starchild1119d ago

Yeah, it reminds me of Mark of the Ninja. I will definitely be getting this game.

Takwin1119d ago

Mark of the Ninja was a phenomenal game from the same studio that made Don't Starve (Klei). There is NO WAY that Ubisoft can make a game as great as Mark of the Ninja.

JWiLL5521119d ago


Ubisoft made Rayman Legends, Child of Light and Valiant Hearts.

ravens521119d ago

An assassins creed game as a platformer... no thank you. Better off making it like AC Liberation except waaaaaaaaay less buggy and much more optimized smfh. I hope they make it as it should be...don't make me skip another AC have all except Unity probably pick it up when it's 20$. disappointed fella rite here.