New Gears of War Not Coming to Xbox 360

Microsoft's upcoming Gears of War game will launch exclusively for Xbox One--an Xbox 360 version of the untitled project is not in development. That's according to Black Tusk's Jack Felling, who revealed the (albeit unsurprising) news on Twitter recently.

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CyrusLemont1023d ago

I remember how stunned I was when I first played Gears of War. That game really screamed next gen. I really hope this one does the same thing for the current gen of consoles, as the very first GOW did.

Genuine-User1023d ago

Yep. Gears was the first standout game for 360.

PLASTICA-MAN1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

It is an UE4 game so obviously it won't be cross-gen. I hope Black Tusk can deliver the same quality Epic could though.

Dirtnapstor1023d ago

It was the reason I bought a 360. Perhaps this upcoming Gears will persuade me. Humm....

darthv721023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Is anyone really surprised by this? I mean there comes a time where you have to move on. Let the original trilogy (throw in judgement too) stand as a testament to the platform it was created for.

A new gen, a new gears, a new set of barriers to take cover behind then hop over and kick some ass.

In some ways I wished MS had saved halo 4 for the XB1 but there is Halo 5 to change things up.

Takwin1022d ago

This is definitely a good thing that it is not coming to the 360. It can shine and take advantage of the One. Gears was just as good as Halo, and are by far the two best IP's that Microsoft owns.

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OpenGL1023d ago

Totally, Gears of War was the game that made me buy an Xbox 360.

Glad to see that they're not holding back a new game by making a 360 version as well. The 360 was a great machine for its time but it's going to be 10 years old this fall. It's about time developers dropped support for it (as well as PS3) and focused exclusively on Xbox One and PS4.

WitWolfy1023d ago

The PS2 was supported up until 2010-ish.. So I dont think that will happen anytime soon.

Septic1023d ago

Gears truly started next-gen for me.

I remember playing it at my mates' house at uni and one of my mates came downstairs looked at the game and was like

WHAT THE [flappy birds]!?! Are you playing that?!

And then he bought a Xbox 360 and lived happily ever after. Actually no, he rages a lot (even in Plants vs Zombies) but yeah.

The next gears better not be cross-gen. To hell with that.

TearsOfARapper841023d ago

I remember playing my first multiplayer match on Gridlock I think was the name? The really popular map. I went right to the side and wound up staring down at the water in awe completely not focusing on the match itself.

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medman1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Any game is going to struggle to have the same wow factor as early gen 360/ps3 games for the simple fact that the gen was the start of the hd era...hard to compete with going from standard def to 720p. I think as this gen progresses it will become less about graphical fidelity and more about which developers create experiences that change the way we play, and think about playing, games. Hopefully the new hardware allows them to do that. I look at a game like No Man's Sky and hope it can fulfill it's promise, and perhaps give us new things we didn't even know we wanted. The first Gears of War did that for me, as did the first Mass Effect, as did Uncharted, Bioshock, and the first Modern Warfare, to name a few. It's going to be hard for any games this gen to stun me as much as those games did, that's for sure.

kstap331023d ago

I too hope this gen proves more than shinier graphics. If that's all people want, there's a platform called PC. I'm looking for unique experiences.

Jedislayer1023d ago

real talk, that is all a friend of mine played for one year straight was gears of war one, nothing could top that game at that time.

StrawberryDiesel4201022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

I went out and bought an XBOX 360 right after playing Gears of War for the first time. It was just that good and I had to have it. Unfortunately, I don't think this next one will have that same magic. Black Tusk isn't exactly a well known dev that creates amazing AAA games. That being said, I will reserve judgement until I have the finished product unlike the morons that raked The Order: 1886 over the hot coals all the way up to release and after despite the fact for a new IP it was damn good just like Ryse. I bought my Xbone with a future Gears of War in mind just like I did with the PS4 when I saw the trailer for The Order and Bloodborne. I really hope it's at least as good as the others. I will be fine with more of the same because it's so damn good. All I ask is to make it more like the original which had a darker and grittier feel to it. Give me some gameplay and a release date, that of which I'm expecting at this years E3. Don't disappoint me Black Tusk/M$!

krypt19831022d ago

Blacktusk is filled with industry vets who have worked on all the top selling AAA games, and Rod is there to guide the ship the game is in great hands they will take it back to the promise land opposed to that shitty judgment multiplayer...

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GarrusVakarian1023d ago

Good. Leave those dinosaurs in the past where they belong. I want games that take full advantage of the system I bought, no-last gen compromises.

Allsystemgamer1023d ago

Yea. I remember playing the first gears. It blew me away back then. We don't really get that feeling anymore. Currently suffering through bloodborne and it's awesome but it doesn't have THAT experience.

GarrusVakarian1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Speak for yourself. :P Multiple games this gen have given me that 'now THIS is next-gen' feeling already.

Killzone SF
The Order 1886
Infamous SS
Sunset Overdrive

No doubt Gears will be among that list when it arrives, but it won't be the first to do it for me this gen like it was last gen.

I remember playing Gears 1 for the first time in "HD" on my new "HD" TV after playing GTA San Andreas on a crappy, portable TV for years. My mind was blown.

Jalva1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )


"Currently suffering through bloodborne and it's awesome but it doesn't have THAT experience."

The reason you feel that way is because you are suffering from gaming fatigue, for people who are just getting into gaming now Bloodborne will be an experience they will remember for the rest of their gaming lives, just as fondly as you will remember the first Gears of War.


The only thing next-gen about those games you listed were the graphics, everything else about them was very 'been there, done that'.

Genuine-User1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

How was this ever a contention lol.
They would be stupid to make it cross-gen at this point.

Here's hoping the new Tomb Raider is not compromised.

Stoppokingme1023d ago

It was never a chance of being cross gen-I don't know who thought it was a possibility to start with.

XB1 is more than a year old now-the next gears shouldn't be held back by the previous generation.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1023d ago

Ikr, I don't see many people really being surprised of this.

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blackout1023d ago

Hell yea. Time to grow up.

StrayaKNT1023d ago

So they're going all out on this one :) wow can't wait!

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