Insomniac On New PS4 Ratchet & Clank “Coming Along Well”, Comments on Resistance & Spyro IP’s

Developer Insomniac Games has send out some Tweets about the new Ratchet & Clank for Sony's PS4, the Resistance I.P. and the Spyro I.P.

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crimsonfox1025d ago

"No plans for R4" :( Resistance 3 was crazy under rated.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1025d ago

Great game! I'd like to see a new Resistance game.

EeJLP-1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

Resistance 3 is crazy OVER rated as far as the franchise goes. Too many people talk about it as if it were the best in the series, when it was probably the worst. All 3 are good games, but they changed each iteration way too much instead of sticking to the original formula, which made R:FoM likely the best competitive arcade shooter of all time.

R2 had plenty of it's own issues, that I could go on for hours in detail, but I won't here. I'll list a few, such as removing the weapon wheel, the extreme downgrade made to 'Meltdown' from a highly competitive, skilled, active-capturing mode on R:FoM to a 'stand by this beacon' inactive capturing mode in R2; having your hand held through Skirmish mode I believe it was, giant half-dome shields, mobile impenetrable shields, invisibility (and the rest of the berserks), etc. (many many etc.s)

R2 did add a few good things though, like the 8 player online co-op. The Henry Stillman radio broadcasts were also a great, immersive idea and memorable. Core Control was also a pretty solid CTF variant, but the maps were no longer mirrored, giving some advantage to one side or the other; enemies also spawned in front of the objective, punishing an advancing team for killing off their opponents.

R3 just continued the casualization, CODification, and dumbing down of the franchise. "The weapon wheel returned"; yea, no it didn't, because weapon pickups didn't return, so you rarely had much to cycle through. Weapon upgrades gave already more experienced players additional advantages (making the game anti-competitive, since it was no longer a level playing field).. and here's a copy/paste from an older post I made to point out some of R3's flaws and to highlight the CODification I mentioned:

*Added Killstreak Rewards (highly overpowered and easy to get)
*Added Perks
*Added Prestiging (another example of copying instead of leading and sticking to their original formula)
*Added post-death auto-seeking free bonus kills (Leapers aka CoD dogs) and it wasn't even a Killstreak Reward
*Added weapon upgrades for an uneven playing field and noobier weapons like highlighted heads for the sniper as an example
*Kept Invisibility in Competitive multiplayer
*Kept Impenetrable Mobile Shields, among the biggest complaints with R2 and it's Wraith
*Removed the custom games browser
*Removed R2 style co-op
*Removed vents and replaced them with ladders
*Removed clan support beyond a clan tag
*Only 8v8 max
*Didn't reinstate weapon spawns (made weapon wheel less useful than on R:FoM)
*Didn't reinstate node games (Meltdown, Assault, a legitimate Breach mode)
*Didn't reinstate the ability to shake off flames and tags
*Didn't reinstate freedom of movement from R:FoM (run/jump in any direction on demand aka moving at the speed of thought)
*Less character customization options
*Made the Auger into a Killstreak Reward, yet allowed players to spawn with a heat-seeking rocket launcher

krypt19831024d ago

Resistance is trash period the best one was the psp one, they are wasting time on a ratchet and clank wow why not a new ip ...

chrismichaels041025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

The entire Resistance franchise was under rated, but an awesome series. Even if it's true Insomniac isn't working on Resistance 4, that doesn't mean it's not being worked on. Sony owns the IP and can have another studio working on it. Sony Bend did a great job with Resistance Retribution on PSP a few years back. And we already know Sony Bend is working on something for the PS4.

ps360s1025d ago

I luv the first one, toke all my time playing the MP, sniping everyone hehe

and the co-op is so good

spicelicka1025d ago

i agree! Resistance 3 had an awesome campaign! The stupid online pass kept me from trying the multiplayer but the campaign was amazing. Resistance 2 had a great multiplayer though.

Jaqen_Hghar1025d ago

a man's favorite FPS of all time!

That being said Ratchet and Clank is a man's most anticipated PS4 launch title

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BartMoons1025d ago

Sony just give us Resistance 4, such an underrated IP

Conzul1024d ago

Would love for them to do what bungie did with Halo 2.

Show both sides of the conflict, in different chapters.

windblowsagain1025d ago

Resistance should be fought on other worlds, could make for great games.

I enjoyed all 3 tbh.

kayoss1025d ago

You mean like Destiny???

windblowsagain1025d ago

Could be like that.

Needs other enemies,weapons, environments. Really open it up.

I would actually like to see a new dev's take on it as well.

Genuine-User1025d ago

A trailer would be nice. :)

Lucreto1025d ago

The movie is finished and got positive reactions and once they finished with all the Dlc for Sunset Overdrive we might hear more.

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