Hideo Kojima Leaving Konami and Video Game Industry (April Fools)

Hideo Kojima has officially parted ways with Konami after 19 years of service to work in the motion picture industry.

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WESKER20151087d ago

battle royal 3, dir Kojima-san, BEASTLY

Bansai1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

well then, best of luck in your new ventures Kojima (deep down im still hoping the whole fallout was just a big ruse leading to this day)

NewMonday1087d ago

you guys know what day it is today right?

subtenko1087d ago

its april first, one of two reasons why I didnt even read the article

bouzebbal1087d ago

a page is turned and it's hard to believe.
his face pops up in my head everytime i hear or see Konami written.
I wonder what Konami will do without him, i just hope they follow the footsteps of SquareEnix or SEGA by letting most of their talent out the door.

morganfell1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

I believe he is leaving Konami. That is not an April Fools joke. You do not start an April Fools joke 30 days out and nosedive a company's stock costing investors tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for the sake of a joke.

We also cannot expect all real news to cease because of the calendar.

What I do not see is Kojima stating he is leaving the game industry altogether. Remarking he originally wanted to do something is not the same as saying the reason he is leaving is to go do that very thing. He has made the movie/novel comment numerous times over the years. It isn't that this article is a bad April Fools joke but rather it is simply erred deduction and bad reporting.

PoSTedUP1087d ago

Thanks for reminding me its april 1st! Man i forgot and was about to have a Really ****** up day/week/month/year/life... i was already contiplating a downward spiral. And my departure from the videogame scene as well. They got me, but i dont care just as long its not true lol. Great work ^_^.

NuggetsOfGod1087d ago

Is it really april 1st? Or is this an april fools joke??

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badboyz091087d ago

Movie Industry is Dead/unoriginal. So this is a bad Business decision.

Fast Furious 7
taken 3
Jurassic World/4

WESKER20151087d ago

i agree, but kojima wouldnt need to go down that milking road, he has more talent than 90% of these new directors

Allsystemgamer1087d ago

That's just hollywood. I can assure you the film industry is thriving.

Fgfttfgff1087d ago

@badboyz09 I assure you if it was dead they wouldn't spend 200-500 million dollars a movie to make more than that

Torque_CS_Lewith1087d ago

Chose the wrong day to make it official. I don't buy it.

crimsonfox1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

It's probably bull shit. But I'd like to buy it. I mean, deep down Kojima wanted to be a Director, and he changed gaming in 98 when Metal Gear went 3D. I would say he doesn't have anything left to prove in gaming. Although... I do need ZOE 3. It would be awesome to see his once young man's dream finally become a reality. I wouldn't be mad at you Kojima! I love you!

Stoppokingme1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

You and me both-not to mention the other billion people who knows what day it is.

The internet is for entry level pranksters. I glued coins to the pavement and watched as people tried to pick them up-it was literally worth the money.

uth111087d ago

maybe this whole ordeal was one big April Fools set up?

DeadlyFire1087d ago

He won't leave MGS until MGSV is ready to ship.

Silent Hills he is also working on. That is not finished yet either. I think more so its likely he has chosen to sell Metal Gear and all of its assets over to Konami or something to that extent. So he can walk away from it for good and do something new.

bmf73641087d ago

Push Square just published an article saying Kojima is joining them as a reviewer... I'm not sure of anything right now.

Khajiit861087d ago

When I read the article title my heart felt it for a bit, but then I remembered it was April fools. Now I don't know how to feel.

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WelkinCole1087d ago

Has to be April fools.

If not then look at the bright side. A least finally we will get a freaking live action MGS movie.

Ratty1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

I don't know. Is that a good thing? Just because it's called Metal Gear Solid doesn't necessarily mean it'll be any good.

But yeah. Definitely april's fools XD

PaleMoonDeath1087d ago

Would have believed it, if it weren't the first of April.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1087d ago

David Hayter also wrote that letter saying that he isn't in the game on April fools last year so I don't buy this.

Kurylo3d1087d ago

konami is a sinking ship now. lol..

Nekroo911087d ago

Kojima has a brilliant mind but he still needs talented programmers, designers, etc he cant make a game by himself

What they did with FOX engine shows what they are able to do.

Allsystemgamer1087d ago

Talent can't go anywhere without se sort of direction.

Kurylo3d1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

Engines dont make a game. Engines are a dime a dozen these days. Unity3d and unreal engine just went free. Unreal engine was used to make every batman arkham game including this new one.

Sorry but fox engine is nothing special. The man with his writing, trailers, and ideas is what made those games. Artists and programmers are great and all, but again.. art dont sell the game. People dont buy metal gear cause its pretty. They buy it because its an experience.

You can throw money and people at a problem, doesnt mean your going to get a good product. Thats how game companies go bankrupt.

They should recognize kojima was their bread and butter.

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