Demon's Souls was "a failure" before Miyazaki stepped up

From Software might have already made games that inspired the Souls series, but history wasn't adding up to much when Demon's Souls was first in development (around 2006). Internally, it was considered a failure.

It took handing the reins to a man who had joined the studio in 2004 to save it. He was unusual in the Japanese development scene. He'd left a much better paid IT job for US company Oracle to be there, but was 29 years old and had no prior experience making games. From Software had been one of the only places that would take him.

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Jack_Of_All_Blades1175d ago

Great Story, I still think Demon Soul's to be the best of all of them so far. Especially for its time. I mean sure Bloodborne is 'prettier', but I just really liked Demon's Souls. Could just be nostalgia, how do you all feel?

MrSwankSinatra1175d ago

Honestly I think Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne are pretty much on par with each other.

Dark Souls II is a turd on the other hand.

ChronoJoe1175d ago

I agree, and it's a shame they're remaking Dark Souls 2 for PS4. If we were getting a HD remaster I'd love for it to be Demon's Souls, or at least the original Dark Souls.

Mr Lahey1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

How come you think DS2 "is a turd"? It got a different feel and was a let down for a lot of DS pvp-elitists.. But it is so similar to the two fist games so i always scratch my head when people love the first games and hate DS2. Hence the question. :)

But i agree that DS is a better game than DS2, even though i really like DS2. Especially the weapons and armors compared to DS.

Edit: Oh, and DS2 got a lot better with the amazing DLCs! :)

MrSwankSinatra1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )


Here is this video that perfectly explains my issues with Dark Souls II. It's a severely disjointed experience and you can see why many (including myself) have issues with that game in particular.

Mr Lahey1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

I've seen that video. Most people i ask why they hate it link that exact video. He has some good points, but i think the critique is over exaggerated. Nitpicking galore. If you would nitpick DeS or DS the same way you would find lots of stuff to critique as well. ;)

But he also states that he would prefer DS2 before most non From Software games so i don't think he hates it or think it's a turd. :)

asadachi1175d ago

I don't think it was as bad as many say, it just wasn't on par with other Souls games.

Tdmd1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

I swear I can't understand the dark souls 2 hate. Sure, it's not the best in the series, but it is NOT, in any way shape or form, a "turd". It is a great game on it's own right, which will be made even better with the remaster.

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Masterofwiiu3ds1175d ago

The first time I played Demon Souls was truly the first time I feared dragons in a video game. And I mean I was dead terrified of those beasts, as they were deadly, and felt real.

SpinalRemains1381175d ago

Lol. Our introduction to it was on that bridge after the first boss. You go out and 🔥 you're dead!

asadachi1175d ago

I think you're on the right track when you mention nostalgia. I played Dark Souls before Demon Souls so I think of that as my favorite so far.

The play style in Souls games seems pretty unique and I think this is what appealed to people who played it for the first time since it wasn't the same format used to control many other games.

mic_cala1175d ago

I have to say, i liked the world of boletoria more than yharnam was more intriuging to me somehow, but other wise i like BB much more.

Then again i struggled in previous souls games massively where as in this one im moving along at a steady pace not gettin stuck for too long anywhere, attacking gameplay suits me more than the more patient souls games.

BABY-JEDI1175d ago

Maybe he should take over The Last Guardian? This would equal total awesomeness in my mind.

pivotplease1175d ago

At first I thought hell no, and than I really thought about the atmosphere similiarities and the ominous feelings that both series portray. Could actually work.

BABY-JEDI1175d ago

I think the guy would really respect the theme & the story. He has a great eye for detail & nuances. Also, he stepped up when a project was crashing badly, & more importantly he turned it around into something really special.

Commodore1175d ago

Loved Demon's Souls over all all the others. Who couldn't love/ laugh when the flying stingrays shot giant stingers at you?

pivotplease1175d ago

I could definitely see how demons souls started off as a failure. Some parts of it do feel unpolished for sure. But the same could be said for the original monster hunter and that series is killing it now. Both are somewhat poorly executed games that are infused with more genius than even some of the best games.

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