Senran Kagura Estival Versus PlayStation 4 Version Share Feature Has Been Limited

Explosion:" The PlayStation 4 version of Senran Kagura Estival Versus, the latest entry of the series released in Japan last week, has received some sort of limitation, according to several online reports.

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bOObies874d ago

So let me get this straight...You can show pictures of prostitutes pleasuring you in GTA, dozens of dead bodies in TLOU, burning people alive in Farcry, bad language and horrible people can say and do whatever they want in any other game, BUT as soon as Senran Kagura has a harmless glitch that shows a butt, it shuts down a whole services that we pay for.

This it was I call hypocrisy and social oppression by the select few who never liked the games in the first place. It angers me so much that you can have as much mindless killing, war, curse words, thievery, psychotic behavior, and anti-gay dialog in these games that are rated M everything is fine...But if you have one naked butt the world falls apart and we are told that we can not handle seeing said butt.

It's unfair to adults like me who are old enough to choose what content I want to consume and unfair to anyone else that gets told you can go to war and die and see the worst things humanity can do to each other in game, but if you so much as see a boob or a butt you are the worst person alive.