Bloodborne falls to its cheapest price ever, now just £37.99

Dealspwn: "Bloodborne is very, very, very difficult. It's frustratingly designed in parts, humiliating at times. And I love it. If you're ready to enter Yharnam and join the cavalcade of brutality, you can now grab a copy for £37.99, its lowest price yet!

For me it perfectly marries the rewarding exploration, challenge and art direction of the Souls series, but makes combat so much more responsive and aggressive. I can't stop playing it.

I won't stop."

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bggriffiths1061d ago

Nice, I'd get on that fast as I think the reviews and strong sales are going to keep this one priced high for a while. Good value for money for a change too (compared to your regular five hour campaign titles)

Blues Cowboy1061d ago

Damn right. Though admittedly Bloodborne does spend about five hours making you slog through the same foes to get back to each boss until you learn the attack patterns!

xX-oldboy-Xx1061d ago

Or you find the shortcut back to the Cleric Beast