MKX Going “Suplex City B**ch” as WWE Star Could be Joining the Roster

We’re not long after Wrestlemania and there may well be a new fighter coming to the awesome Mortal Kombat X. We already have the Predator on board and Jason From Friday the 13th but in a potential partnership with the WWE, Brock Lesnar may well be joining up with the big list of fighters.

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rosscoffx1179d ago

Just for a bit of fun on AFD buddy! :)

Besides, Brock took it to Roman like it was Mortal Kombat on Sunday so thought he might work in there!

saukelover121179d ago

i like brock but would rather them put John or Randy <3

crimsonfox1179d ago

They did do the WWE mobile game. It would be dope if they threw in Undertaker haha. April fools is running wild though.

CorndogBurglar1179d ago

Undertaker would definitely fit better. But yeah.....April Fools.

crimsonfox1179d ago

Undertaker or Kane would work in MK and I would buy the hell out of it. But either way I don't think WWE would be down for fatalities like DC with their characters haha. But it would be cool.

rosscoffx1179d ago

Should have done the Undertaker but wanted to say Suplex City B***h after Sunday... agree they would work better guys.

Sorry for the April Foolary!

crimsonfox1179d ago

It's cool...I deserve it :(

BudokaiGamer1179d ago

Reminds me of WWF: Wrestlemania the Arcade Game!

Loved that game so much!

TheOnlyMastrx1179d ago

First April Fools article i've seen today, maybe i'll just stay off the internet entirely to avoid it all...I think Reigns would have won, but I knew Rollins was going to cash in and ruin it all

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